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  er Resources Research Institute

Water Resources Research Institute
of the University of North Carolina System

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WRRI Publications

Tips for Searching Publications

WRRI utilizes NCSU’s DH Hill Library Technical Reports Repository to house its publications. Publications are grouped into the following collections, and are easily searchable by author, date, title, and keyword: Annual Programs, Journal Articles, Research Reports and WRRI Newsletter. 

  • You can search across the entire Water Resources Research Institute series of publications, or you can click on an individual collection and search within that collection.
  • The “Search For” field will search for keywords in the entire publication, as well as search the title.
  • If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, you can browse publications by title, date, and author.
  • For Research Reports:
    • Sometimes the lead author on a report may be different than the lead PI on the original project.
    • The report publication year on the repository usually will not correspond to the year that the project was initially funded.
    • Sometimes the publication title differs from the original project title.
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