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Water Resources Research Institute

Water Resources Research Institute
of the University of North Carolina System

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For Researchers

Research Priorities:

WRRI has two sets of priorities, one set which is a congressionally authorized research scope defined for WRRIs across the nation by the Water Resources Research Act, and the other which is specific to NC and created with input from expert stakeholders in the state, including the WRRI Advisory Committee, the Urban Water Consortium, and the Stormwater Group. While we recognize the importance of these topics to North Carolina and while researchers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these priorities, preproposals in response to our annual call are welcome on any topic of significance for North Carolina water resources. Successful preproposals must make a strong case for the proposed project’s relevance and importance to North Carolina, whether or not the exact project topic appears on the research priority list. Download a pdf of research priorities (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document).

Research Guidance:

Researchers are required to submit progress reports 6-months after the start of a project funded by WRRI, and every 6 months after that, with a final report to be submitted upon completion of the project. Download a pdf of guidelines for research reports (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document).

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