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Augus23, 2011

1. Call to Order
Chair Kellner called the 1st meeting of the 58th session of the NC State Faculty Senate to order at 3 p.m.

2. Welcome
 Chair Kellner welcomed Senators and Guests.

Chair Kellner introduced and recognized five Past Chairs of the Faculty that were in attendance.  

3. Announcements
The General Faculty meeting will be at 3 p.m. Tuesday, October 4 in the Talley Student Center Ballroom.  The theme of the meeting is “Change at NC State, from the perspective of the faculty.” 

There will be an Executive Committee meeting on Thursday from 3-5 p.m.

4. Remarks from the Chair
Chair Kellner introduced members of the Executive Committee. He reported that they met twice during the summer to discuss Senate meetings, communication strategies, issues of concern, and the role of faculty governance. 

Chair Keller reported that one of the two people elected to the Athletics Council has left the university.  She has been replaced with the next candidate, Joel Pawlak from Natural Resources. 

Chair Kellner announced that a discretionary account has been set up for the Faculty Senate.  He asked that faculty designate a small amount of their donations to the Faculty Senate discretionary account.

Chair Kellner announced that the Senate has begun an Organization of Former Faculty Senators (OFF).  The group might be called upon to do things like recruit new senators, attend university events, publicize faculty issues, serve on university committees and communicate senate activities.

Chair Kellner has invited the Chair of the Faculty Assembly and the Chair of the Board of Trustees to speak at a Faculty Senate meeting.

Chair Kellner announced that the  next meeting will be devoted mostly to athletics where Athletics Director Yow and Coach Gottfried are scheduled to come along with Sam Pardue.

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 13, April 19, 2011
Past Secretary Hergeth asked for approval of the minutes of the 13th meeting of the 57th session.  A motion passed to approve the minutes as submitted.

4. Remarks from Chancellor Woodson
Chancellor Woodson reported that there were 4,650 freshmen admitted this year  and the average freshmen GPA was 4.28(weighted) and their SAT score was up four points over last year to 1191, the best freshmen class in our history.

USA Today and the Princeton Review have rated NC State ninth in the country and Chapel Hill eighth as best value universities. 

Chancellor Woodson announced that the Board of Trustees has a new chair, Barbara Mulkey, the second female chair in its history.

Chancellor Woodson reported that the resources have been provided to establish a Chancellor’s innovation fund.Athletics

Chancellor Woodson reported that this year the ACC has honor roll for all varsity student athletes that have a 3.0 GPA and higher.  NC State had 213 varsity athletes with a 3.0 or higher and that is the most in our history and is among the top three in the ACC.  

Chancellor Woodson thanked Provost Arden and Vice Chancellor Leffler and their staff for doing a remarkable job of getting the university ready for what he believes to be one of the most difficult budgets we have ever experienced.

Chancellor Woodson reported on the revenue stream for the university. 

5. Remarks from the Provost
Strategic Realignment
Provost Arden reported on six major items that are on the Strategic Realignment. 

The merger of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion,  the Office of Equal Opportunity, and some of the offices out of Student Affairs became official on July 1st

Margery Overton is leading the Academic Science Program task force.  Provost Arden stated that they hope to have the report by the end of the semester so they can consider how to move forward. 

Provost Arden reported that the Chancellor has said that we need to have less PRR’s.  This is an ongoing process and will occur throughout the year.

Strategic Planning
Provost Arden reported that the strategic plan is an integration of nine task force reports.  It has five overarching goals and each goal has multiple sub-strategies.  We now have to produce an implementation plan.  Margery Overton and Karen Helm are leading that implementation planning process.

Our Peer Group
Provost Arden reported that GA is asking everyone to redo their peer groups.  We had sixteen on our peer group and thirteen of them are going to remain the same.  The ones removed are Cornell, University of Georgia and the University of Minnesota.  The three that we have suggested as replacements are the University of Arizona, Rutgers, and Colorado State.

6. Introduction and Remarks from Colonel Wheeler, Army ROTC
Chair Kellner introduced and welcomed Colonel Wheeler.

Colonel Wheeler remarked on the training and education ROTC students receive at NC State.

Past Chair Overton moved that the remaining items on the agenda be moved to the next meeting.

The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

7. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 5 p.m.

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