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November 1, 2011

1. Call to Order
Chair Kellner called the 5th meeting of the 58th session of the NC State Faculty Senate to order at 3 p.m.

2.  Announcements and Remarks
Chair Kellner shared information from the report that he submitted to the Board of Trustees.  He noted that the report has to be written and submitted about five weeks prior to the meeting. 

Chair Kellner reported that the Budget Advisory Committee met last week.  The major item was the university’s request to the Board of Governors to allow tuition and fees to move from near the bottom of the list to the top of the bottom quartile.

Chair Kellner reported that the Advisory Committee on the SACS Accreditation is continuing and discussions of the quality enhancement plan which is part of SACS. 

Chair Kellner reported that in the strategic realignment process, one of the aspects was to streamline and review policies, rules, and regulations.  The Executive Committee thinks that the Faculty Senate is a good place to identify things that faculty don’t understand or would like to see clarified.  Anyone interested in doing that should send the information to David Aspnes, cochair of the Personnel Policy Committee.

3.  Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 4, October 18, 2011
Secretary Sawyers asked for approval of the minutes.  A motion passed to approve the minutes as corrected. 

4. Resolution for the Provision of Parental Leave for Graduate Students
Senator Moore presented the resolution from the Academic  Policy Committee.  She stated that the Committee has been discussing parental leave for graduate students and throughout the discussions it became apparent that it is important for NC State to have some sort of parental leave for graduate students. 

Chair Kellner read the resolution . 

Senator Robinson made a motion to amend the resolution.  

The motion to accept the amendment failed by a vote of 14-13.

The motion to accept the resolution as originally drafted passed unanimously. 

The resolution will be presented at the next meeting for a second reading.

5. Library Committee
Dr. Richard Bernhard, Chair of the Library Committee  reported that the collections budget has been drastically reduced for the coming year to pay for the move to the Hunt Library on Centennial Campus.  He stated that the highlight of the Hunt Library facility is the bookBot automated book delivery system.  The bookBot holds nine times the books as traditional shelving and there are fifteen of these facilities in operation at other institutions that are apparently working extremely well.  This facility will be used at the Hunt Library for print materials before 2005. 

Dr. Bernhard encouraged the faculty to review the Hunt Library website.  He stated that the plan is not to gut the DH Hill Library.  DH Hill library is also going to be first rate with space for more study rooms. 

6.  Faculty Senate Discussions


Senator Jasper restated the issue of concern he presented at the last meeting about the College of Textiles perspective on the BORST Initiative. 

Don Patty stated that there is a huge change in the way they are looking at doing business, that on the dialog issue they are getting ready to launch a series of town hall meetings.  They will be kicking off the work activity inventory next week to try to capture what people do on campus as it relates to HR. Approximately 2000 people on campus will be invited to participate in a survey.

Chair Kellner stated that members of the Executive Committee noticed that there is no mention in the bylaws of the office of Parliamentarian although the Senate has had a Parliamentarian for many years.  He proposed  adding the following statement to the bylaws as an amendment.  It would be added as Article VI, Section 7 (new)

“There shall be a Parliamentarian, selected by the Chair from the General Faculty with the approval of the Executive Committee.”

After a brief discussion, Chair Kellner withdrew the proposal until the next meeting.

5. Issues of Concern
Senator Campbell stated an issue of concern about the ending of premiums for Distant Education courses. 

Chair Kellner stated that he would invite Dr. Tom Miller to a future meeting to address questions about this issue.

6.  Adjournment
A motion passed to adjourn the meeting at 4:47 PM

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