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April 3, 2012

1. Call to Order
Chair Kellner called the 13th meeting of the 58th session to order at 3 p.m.

2. Remarks from the Chair
Chair Kellner commented on the 125th birthday celebration for the university and the new bells for the bell tower.

Chair Kellner reported that there was a large increase in the number of votes cast this year.  However, there are still vacancies on the Hearings and 604-607 committees.

The nomination process for the Executive Committee will be at the next meeting.

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 13, April 3, 2012
The minutes were approved as submitted.  

4. Remarks from the Chancellor
Chancellor Woodson commented on the activities and attendance at the 125th birthday celebration for the university.  He stated that approximately 5,000 people attended the event.

Chancellor Woodson reported that four students from NC State have received Goldwater Scholarships, which is the full allotment for a university.  We also have two students that will receive Udall scholarships and 20 students will receive NSF fellowships, which is a great reflection on the quality of our students . 

Chancellor Woodson announced that Stephen Reynolds from Physics will receive the 2012 Award for Excellence in teaching.  That award will be recognized at the commencement exercise on May 12th.

Admissions                                                                                                                                        Chancellor Woodson reported that NC State received a favorable editorial last week on the Enrollment Management Plan.  He stated that for the upcoming fall class, we had 20,489 applicants, which is up about 4% over last year.  The accepted applicants have an average SAT of 1247, which is up 35 points over the previous year and they have a weighted GPA of 4.37.

Faculty Initiatives -  The Chancellor’s innovation fund last year awarded four projects and they are currently under review.

The Faculty Excellence Program – Searches have been approved for 38 new hires across the university.  In fact, the first faculty member has been hired in Statistics.

The Faculty University Scholars Program has been announced.  The first 20 appointments will be made  next year.

Academic Program Science Task Force Report  - Chancellor Woodson stated that the committee has done a great job of understanding our culture and understanding the impediments here.  They also did a great job of looking at our peers and looking at the organizational norm of those institutions with which we compared ourselves to, so this is something that we are going to discuss over the next month.

5. Remarks from Senate Committees
Academic Policy
Senator Argyropoulos reported that the committee worked with seven big issues during the year—one was global knowledge—that issue had already been dealt with appropriately.

Reading Days- Senator Argyropoulos stated that reading days were instituted at the request of the students  and the APC discussed this issue and agreed that the process to create those reading days was appropriate.  

Grade exclusion policy—there was a concern about the timing because students that had applied for graduation could not invoke it.  The changes that resulted in the grade exclusion regulation were discussed at length in the Associate Deans Council last year.  The APC also discussed it and decided that no further actions were necessary.

Graduate student parental leave- The committee recommended adopting the policy that would allow graduate students to have six weeks of leave and to extend the clock by one semester and to be able to allow those students to remain on health insurance.   

Issues of concern on “Pass/Fail”  - After considerable discussion, the APC voted to recommend that the current policy not be changed.

The GEP competencies were discussed at the last meeting— Carrie Zelna met with the APC and was very receptive to input on the long list of draft competencies.   After incorporating suggestions from the APC and others, there are five competencies remaining. They are: Written Communication, Oral Communication, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Quantitative Literacy. The APC supports this list of competencies. 

Personnel Policy Committee
Senator Aspnes reviewed the list of policies and regulations that were addressed by the committee this academic year. The entire report is available at:  http://ncsu.edu/faculty_senate/faculty-senate-committees/faculty-senate-committeespersonnel-policy.php

Resources and Environment Committee
Senator Robinson reported that the committee addressed three issues that they were assigned this year. The first was an issue of concern about aged faculty and staff having access to the recreational facilities on campus. The committee met with the appropriate individuals and feels that this should be an ongoing concern.

Senator Robinson stated that the committee also addressed an issue of concern that was submitted by a faculty member on the employee activity system (TEARS).  The committee met with Julie Brasfield, Director of the Office of Contracts and Grants and Danny Humphrey, the Assistant Director of Systems and Compliance.  The committee concluded that what  should be possible is a separate worksheet that would instruct the faculty member, to give step by step guidance, which he thinks is currently lacking.

Senator Snyder  stated that he is concerned with there not being enough defibrillators on campus.  He would like to see them in every building.

The committee submitted a proposed  “Resolution on the Placement of Automatic External Defibrillators” and Chair Kellner presented it for a first reading.

6. Elections
Faculty Assembly
Senators Dimitris Argyropoulos, David Aspnes, and Helmut Hergeth were elected to serve two-year terms on the Faculty Assembly.  Incoming Senators Dennis Daley and Paul Williams were elected to two-year terms as alternates.

Council on Athletics
Jason Bocarro, Associate Professor, Parks Recreation and Tourism and John Griggs, Coordinator of Classroom Instruction, Mathematics were elected to serve on the Council on Athletics.

7. Resolution of Commendation
Chair Kellner presented a “Resolution of Commendation to Dr. Tom Stafford” for the first reading.  The resolution passed unanimously.

8. Adjournment
A motion passed to adjourn the meeting at 4:50 p.m.

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