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November 27, 2012

1. Call to Order
Chair Kellner called the 7th meeting of the 59th session to order at 3 p.m.

2. Remarks and Announcements
Chair Kellner announced that a personnel change took place during the week and a committee has been appointed to search for a new football coach. 

Chair Kellner announced that there was a SACS meeting on Monday to discuss the QEP process.  The subcommittee on critical and creative thinking is discussing where and when the emphasis is to be,  it remains primarily aimed at first year students.

Chair Kellner attended the University Diversity Advisory Committee meeting, which is a large committee that is chaired by Marcia Gumpertz and Joanne Woodard.  A report was given by one of the committees on the subject of black faculty numbers, which are down, so they are working on a plan to increase the numbers.

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 6, November 13, 2012
The minutes were approved as submitted.

4. Remarks from Chancellor Woodson
Chancellor Woodson announced that there had been a personnel action this week and he reminded faculty that the payout that was announced is accurate, that it is part of the market driven issue associated with intercollegiate athletics at this level. 

Chancellor Woodson reported that they have announced the inaugural class of University Faculty Scholars.  He noted that it was a great class and they have all been notified. 

Chancellor Woodson reported that NC State broke its record in the State Employees Combined

Campaign by raising more than $636,000, which is a significant increase over last year’s total and for the first time in our history we surpassed 30% participation.

Chancellor Woodson reported that obligations have been fulfilled to the campus and the Board of Trustees to act on recommendations for tuition and fees going forward.  Tuition will increase next year by $290 combined both semesters. 

Chancellor Woodson stated that NC  State has also fired up a co-generation plant that uses waste steam to generate electricity and for the first time in 61 years NC State is generating electricity.  The university has already saved $4.6 million and it is now up to 79% efficiency with respect to the energy used to create steam and to generate electricity.

Strategic Plan
Chancellor Woodson reported that the Board of Governors mandates that they adopt a strategic plan every five years and there are essentially five elements that they are focused on.

They are attainment, quality, service to the state in terms of outreach, maximizing efficiency and accessibility and keeping the university accessible to the people of North Carolina.

5. Remarks on Faculty Advisory Council to the Strategic Planning Process
Dr. Trudy Mackay stated that the strategic planning initiative began in September of this year.   In October she received an invitation to serve on a new committee where various universities had asked the forum to supply faculty input to the entire process.  There were thirteen members, one from all of the different campuses that were organized to write a white paper. The paper outlined components for undergraduate degrees and suggested minimum common general education as well as specialist competencies for our graduates.

6. Old Business
Second Reading –Resolution on Ombuds
Senator Aspnes presented the resolution for a second reading. A motion passed unanimously to adopt the resolution.

7. Committee Reports
Academic Policy Committee
Senator Jasper reported on four issues of concern that the committee was asked to research (class evaluations, student athletes, resolution from the students to create a Chancellor’s List, and  Regulation  2.20.14 which talks about no tests or quizzes being given during dead week).

Governance Committee
Senator Bourham reported that the committee looked into improving the Senate website.  They have completed a study and have proposed a plan. 

Senator Bourham reported  that the committee also addressed several other issues, which included changing the language in the Senate bylaws to allow for an emergency quorum of the General Faculty,  the incorporation of the Administrative Board of the Graduate School, the composition of the Committee on Undergraduate Education and the regulations of the committee. 

Personnel Policy
Senator Aspnes reported that the committee reviewed Regulation 5.20.24 which has to do with promotion procedures.  After their review they decided that no further action was necessary.  He also listed a number of issues the committee will be addressing in the spring.

Resources and Environment
Senator Funkhouser reported that the committee dealt with two issues that pertained to transportation matters, bus line service from DH Hill to Hunt Library, and the installation of a turtle crossing sign on Centennial Campus.  The first issue was deferred and a wildlife sign was posted to address the issue of the turtle crossing.                                                              

8. Issues of Concern
Senator Bourham stated  an issue of concern on the security of RADAR (Research Administration and Data Reporting) system.  The issue was assigned to the Resources and Environment Committee.

Senator Knopp stated an issue of concern on faculty scheduling events for their students outside of stated class times.  The issue was assigned to the Academic Policy Committee. Senator Borden stated an issue of concern from a colleague on disability accommodations.

The issue was assigned to the Academic Policy Committee.

Senator Warren presented an issue of concern on the fee increase for gym membership. The issue was assigned to the Resources and Environment Committee.

9.  Adjournment
A motion passed to adjourn the meeting at 4:47 p.m.

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