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September 10, 2013

1.  Call to Order
Chair Zonderman called the second meeting of the sixtieth session of the NC State Faculty Senate to order at 3 p.m.

2.  Introductory Remarks
Chair Zonderman continued his remarks from the last session on the theme of an engaged faculty and an engaged Faculty Senate by thanking the senators for participating in the Faculty Senate meetings and for their work in committees.

Chair Zonderman announced that the university is in the process of soliciting nominations for honorary degrees and noted that the nominees do not have to be affiliated with the university.

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 1, August 27, 2013
The minutes were approved as submitted.

4.  Provost Remarks
Provost Arden reported that the US News and World Report came out today and it showed that NC State’s ranking has gone from 106 to 101 among all universities, public and private.  The university is tied with eight other schools. Among publics NC State has gone from 52 to 49, which puts it back in the top fifty.

Provost Arden announced that NC State is for the first time in its history rated in the top 10 up and coming universities.  

Retention Rates
Provost Arden reported that the university’s retention rate was 91% last year and this year it will be close to 93 percent.

Six-year Graduation Rate
Provost Arden reported that today the six-year graduation rate will come close to 75 percent.  A goal had been set to reach 80 percent by the year 2020, but if we continue at the current rate the goal will be reached before that time.

Budget Planning
Provost Arden reported that the details of budget cuts are due this Friday from all department heads and deans and noted that we are implementing a $23 million cut to try to get ahead of the second year of the biennium, so the average cuts to academic budgets will be about 3.25% and the nonacademic will be 4.8 percent.

5.  QEP Update 
Dr. Meredith Davis reported that the research leading into the QEP shows that NC State students arrive feeling confident about their critical and creative thinking skills. She credited the University for improving those skills  across the four years of the undergraduate program, but alumni (2.5 to 5 years out) are not so confident, so there is a reality check when they hit the work world.  Davis stated that they have consulted with many groups and have done one on one presentations in departments and have met with leadership teams to try to get as much input as possible.  There is currently a website that is devoted to the QEP (qep.ncsu.edu) where you can go and get questions answered about the general plan.  

The Senate passed a motion with unanimous consent to support the QEP plan.

6.  Concealed Carry Law
Captain Ian Kendrick from the University Police Department reported on the concealed carry law and its effect on the universities. He stated that the departments presented what they had to the Legislature as a unified group from the General Administration’s perspective and unfortunately it did not go their way, so now the departments are left with the changes as it pertains to the law governing concealed carry in North Carolina. The law relates to those with concealed carry permits and those people who have gone through some state training to carry a concealed firearm, which only applies to handguns. 

7. Issues for 2013-2014 Faculty Senate
Results of the Survey of Faculty Senators
Chair Zonderman reported that the results of the survey were very obvious.  There were four issues that rose to the top which were budget cuts and strategic plans, distance education, enrollment planning, and student academic success.

All four of the issues will be pursued this year in Senate meetings or in committee.

8. Old/New Business
Live Streaming of Faculty Senate Meetings
The discussion on the proposal to live stream Faculty Senate meetings included a variety of opinions.  Provost Arden suggested that it may be worthwhile to think about putting a camera system in the new Senate Chambers that is being built in the Student Center.

Next Faculty Senate Meeting

The senators posed questions and concerns for Duane Larick and Eileen Goldgeier to address at the next meeting.

9.  Adjourn
A motion passed to adjourn the meeting at 4:35 p.m.

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