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October 22, 2013

1. Call to Order
Chair Zonderman called the fourth meeting of the sixtieth session of the NC State Faculty Senate to order at 3 p.m.

2. Announcements
Senator Richard Bernhard has volunteered to serve on the Search Committee for the new Director of Transportation.

The Library awarded two faculty awards to Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf from the College of Veterinary Medicine and Joseph Hightower from CALS. 

The Center for Student Leadership, Ethics, and Public Service (CSLEP) is launching a series of compelling conversations on various issues.  They have chosen the Affordable Care Act and the recent North Carolina Legislation on voting for the fall.  The event will take place on Monday, November 4th from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in Witherspoon 126, which is the Sankofa Room. 

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 3, September 24, 2013
The minutes were approved as amended.

4. Faculty Teaching Workload/ Additional Compensation
Vice Provost Betsy Brown reported that in January 2013 the Board of Governors revised its policy on “Monitoring Faculty Teaching Workload.”  She stated that for Research Universities it is two courses per semester and not four.  Brown stated that the important thing to remember is that this is the starting point and not the end point for what your teaching load is, so we are operating within the assumption that if you have other responsibilities, that may affect whether or not you keep all of those courses.  It may be affected by the kind of students that you are teaching and the kind of course you are teaching. 

Additional Compensation Paid Through the University
Vice Provost Brown reported that the limit on additional compensation during regular pay periods is going to increase from 20 to 25 percent.  The 33 and one third percent in the summer is not changing.  What has been proposed, and what the Provost, Chancellor, and Vice Chancellor are thinking about now, is whether the 25% additional compensation can also be earned on the 33 and one third percent in the summer, which is apparently a practice at some universities, but has not been a practice here.

5. Laboratory for Analytic Science and Partnership w/NSA
Associate Vice Chancellor Randy Avent stated that there were two things that attracted Michael Wertheimer,   Director of Research, NSA, to consider a partnership with NC State and the other Universities that he was looking at.  The first was the fact that Research Triangle Park in general has a growing cluster economy centered on information technology and analytics and the other was when Jim Goodnight bought him to Centennial Campus.    

Avent reported that the first administrative funds were received around June to run the NC State portion of the lab and the first research funding was received in September.

6. Provost Remarks and Q/A
 Provost Arden gave the faculty an opportunity to ask questions on issues that they would like him to address. 

7. Old/New Business
Resolution on Reaffirming the University’s Commitment to Achieving a Diverse Student Body

Chair Zonderman presented the Resolution for a second reading.

A motion passed with unanimous consent to adopt the resolution.

The Governance Committee proposed the following change to the Faculty Senate bylaws.

Recommended revision to Article VI, Section 4, of the Faculty Senate Bylaws:

"Any Senator who resigns or is on leave for more than one semester shall be replaced in the following manner: the Chair of the Faculty, in consultation with the remaining Senators from the College, shall appoint a replacement from within that College for the remainder of the Senator's term, oruntil the return of the Senator on leave."

The motion passed with unanimous consent to accept the change to Article VI, Section 4, of the Faculty Senate Bylaws.

8. Adjourn
A motion passed to adjourn the meeting at 4:21 p.m.

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