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Resolution on Public School Teachers and Advanced Degrees

Whereas, universities in North Carolina depend upon the public schools in the state to educate the students who enter higher education, and

Whereas a crucial factor in the quality of the education of those secondary students is the quality of their teachers, and

Whereas, the basic elements of good teaching are content and pedagogical knowledge, experience, and talent

Whereas, content and pedagogical knowledge are indispensable to effective teaching across the curriculum, and

Whereas, content and pedagogical knowledge are best attained through professional study in academic subjects, and

Whereas, advanced degrees, such as the masters and doctorates, lead to the mastery of academic content and/or pedagogical knowledge,

Be it resolved, that it is in the interest of the state of North Carolina to encourage teachers to increase their subject content mastery and pedagogical knowledge through earning advanced degrees, and

Be it resolved that the state can advance that interest by restoring the financial incentive of a salary increase to those who earn advanced degrees.

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