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Resolution on Transfer of Tuition Waivers
for Dependents of Faculty and Staff

Whereas the well‐being of university employees is of utmost importance for the success and flourishing of the institution, and

Whereas the current benefits package for faculty and staff recognizes that the well‐ being of employees is not limited to physical health, and therefore includes benefits aimed at securing the financial well‐being of individual employees and their families, and

Whereas the education of children and lawful dependents can have substantial effects on the financial well‐being of employees and their families, and

Whereas a majority of NCSU’s peer institutions (see appendix), offer their employees a tuition remission benefit for eligible dependents, and

Whereas such a benefit for NCSU faculty and staff would play an important role in the recruitment and retention of high quality employees, and

Whereas the university benefits package already permits the waiver of tuition for eligible full‐time faculty and staff for up to two (2) courses per year <NCSU POL
07.55.07>, and

Whereas the majority of faculty and staff do not make use of the existing tuition waiver benefit for their own further education,

Therefore be it resolved that the policy on tuition waivers for faculty and staff be amended and expanded to allow eligible employees to:

1)  accrue unused waivers year‐to‐year, and

2)  transfer accrued waivers to dependents*, who may use them to take courses (including credit toward a degree) as permitted to faculty and staff in the UNC system.

*Spouse, domestic partner, biological or adopted child.

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