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Resolution on the Requirement for
Proper Notifications for Falsified Results


Whereas, progress in science depends on the acquisition and reporting of information thatcan be critically tested, and

Whereas, data may contain inaccuracies and, despite best efforts, errors can occur, and

Whereas, the reputation of academic institutions such as North Carolina State University depends on results that are as correct as possible at the time they are reported, and

Whereas, there is a clear distinction between inadvertent errors and deliberate falsification of results, and

Whereas, deliberate falsification is a particularly serious violation of the both the research effort and academic integrity, and

Whereas, if an appropriate NCSU committee finds that deliberate falsification of results has occurred, and

Whereas, federal regulations (CFR 689.1) state that universities have the primary responsibility to maintain the integrity of research, and

Whereas, a transparent process of full disclosure of falsification findings will serve the interests of science, and

Whereas, subsection 6.6.2 of NC State REG 10.00.02 requires the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation to determine whether appropriate action, including among other

actions the notification of editors of journals in which falsified reports may have been published, should be taken, and

Whereas, NCSU should act in a way that is consistent with ethical standards, and

Whereas, inaction is contrary to the spirit of the recommendation to maintain the integrity of research,

Therefore be it resolved that any and all falsification found by the NCSU committee be communicated by the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation to the Editors of the appropriate journals in the unredacted language of the investigation committee.
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