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October 11, 2011

Senators Present:  Dimitris Argyropoulos, Co-Chair,  Jeannette Moore, Co-chair; Roy Borden, Keith Edmisten, Montserrat Fuentes, Al Headen, Scott Townsend,.

Unable to attend: Bruce Hammerberg, David Zonderman

1. Approval of the minutes from  the September 27, 2011 meeting
Minutes were distributed to the committee electronically.  Minutes were approved as written and without dissent via email prior to the October  11th meeting.

2. Old Business

a. Status of Parental leave for Graduate Students

The APC has voted unanimously to recommend that NCSU adopt UNC Chapel Hill's Graduate Student Parental Leave Policy to allow graduate students to have six weeks of leave, to extend the clock one semester, and to be able to remain on health insurance. ( The details of funding would need to be worked out for graduate students who are on stipend.)

This issue was referred to the Faculty Senate Exec Committee for consideration and  discussion by the full Faculty Senate. However, no executive committee meeting took place on October 6th 2011. In order to avoid further delays in the  consideration of the parental leave policy , the APC recommends that this issue be brought in front of the whole Faculty senate at its Oct 18th meeting (Senator Fuentes to present). The issue is to be cleared with the chair of the Faculty Senate with the request to be included in its Oct 18th agenda. The APC also decided that the UNC Chapel Hill's Graduate Student Parental Leave Policy   as well as the APC’s minutes of Sept 27th 2011 , be distributed to all Senators at the next senate meeting  as supporting information for their consideration..

In addition it was also suggested that the chair of the Faculty Senate  be approached with the request  that the APC’s minutes be appended into the web page of the senate as a  link to our committee.  

b. Update & Discussion of Proposed Syllabus Regulation Changes

Senator Roy Borden noted that  amongst the various items that are university-wide and are currently required on syllabi,  the  Disability Statement appears to be an item that needs to remain for legal reasons.
The subcommittee of UCCC has proposed a separate web page that will be referenced in all syllabi that offers all pertinent statements that need to be made and included  in a syllabus. The current syllabus tool is located at: http://delta.ncsu.edu/apps/syllabus_tool/

In terms of process, after legal clears the new proposal, the issue will return to the full UCCC which in turn will forward it to the full faculty senate.  

3. New Business

        Discussion of Oct 4th presentations at the General Faculty Meeting.
David  Zonderman’s  presentation  of the Task force on Review of Academic Programs , was thought to be a greater relevance to the work of the APC.
Since at the Oct 18th Faculty Senate meeting, the work of these two committees   are to be further discussed the APC recommends that the chair of the faculty be approached with the request that the Task force on Review of Academic Programs provides to the faculty senate their proposed evaluation matrix and its intended mode of utilization  for rating our  graduate and undergraduate   programs .

Updates (if any) from APC members on University Committees

Daivd Zonderman: CUE (Council on Undergraduate Education)- No update since senator was absent.
Jeannette e Moore: EOT (Evaluation of Teaching) - no updates
Al Headen:  University Standing Committee on Commencement - no updates
Montse Fuentes: CIP (Committee International Programs) – The CIP currently works with the chancellor’s initiative for the creation of seed awards for the promotion of International activities for Collaboration and Training . 
Keith Edmisten: Admissions & Council on Athletics - no updates
Roy Borden: UCCC (University Courses and Curricula)
See above discussion (item 2b) about the syllabus regulation

4. Other Business (if any)

5. Adjourn  4:01 pm

Future APC Meetings (3:00 to 5:00 pm in 125 Polk Hall):
Oct 25, Nov 8, Nov 22, Dec 6, Jan 17, Jan 31, Feb 14, Feb 28, Mar 13, Mar 27, Apr 10, Apr 24. - no updates.

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