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October 25, 2011

Senators Present:  Dimitris Argyropoulos, Co-Chair,  Jeannette Moore, Co-chair; Roy Borden, Keith Edmisten, Montserrat Fuentes, Al Headen, Scott Townsend, Bruce Hammerberg, David Zonderman.

1. Approval of the minutes from  the Oct 11, 2011 meeting
        Minutes were distributed to the committee electronically.  Minutes were approved as written and without dissent via email prior to the October  11th meeting.

2. Old Business

a. Discussion of APC’s wording on Resolution on Parental leave for Graduate Students; Wording and mechanics of presentation to the Faculty senate meeting of November 1st 2011.

The draft resolution presented by senator Moore was discussed and after some discussion its merits of simplicity and focus were pointed out.  This resolution was met with the full approval of the committee.  A motion was thus made for the APC to propose this resolution and was voted unanimously.

Senator Moore is to lead the discussion at the November 1st Faculty Senate meeting

The actual resolution to be submitted to the Faculty senate reads as follows:

Resolution for the Provision of Parental Leave for Graduate Students

North Carolina State University currently has no parental leave policy for graduate students, and

A graduate student must finish his/her degree within a specified period of time, and

Currently a parental leave of absence for a graduate student results in the student losing full-time enrollment status (which may result in loss of health insurance as well as international students losing their student visa status), and

Faculty and staff at North Carolina State University are granted a 6-week parental leave for the arrival of a new child into the family

Therefore be it Resoved
That North Carolina State University implements a Parental Leave Policy for graduate students similar to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill policy that would provide as a minimum

3. New Business

        Updates from APC members on University Committees

David Zonderman: CUE (Council on Undergraduate Education)- No update

Jeannette  Moore: EOT (Evaluation of Teaching) – The committee met and has commenced a discussion of the utility of three questions that may be posed to students within five weeks into the semester in order to guide the instructor as to what it works and what does not work in the course so far.

Al Headen:  University Standing Committee on Commencement - no updates

Montse Fuentes: CIP (Committee International Programs) – No updates

Keith Edmisten: Admissions & Council on Athletics - no updates

Hammerberg: Administrative Board of the Graduate School - no updates

Roy Borden: UCCC (University Courses and Curricula)- A new course prefix has been established, EMA,  for “Entrepreneurship in Music and the Arts. and 4 new courses have been approved, EMA 365 Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship, EMA 370 Practical Arts Entrepreneurship, EMA 375 Understanding the Arts Economies and EMA 430 Capstone Experience in Arts Entrepreneurship.   

4. Other Business (if any)

5. Adjourn  3:40 pm

Future APC Meetings (3:00 to 5:00 pm in 125 Polk Hall):
Nov 8, Nov 22, Dec 6, Jan 17, Jan 31, Feb 14, Feb 28, Mar 13, Mar 27, Apr 10, Apr 24. - no updates.

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