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April 19, 2011

1. Call to Order
Chair Overton called the 13th meeting of the 57th session to order at 3 p.m.

2. Welcome and Announcement
Chair Overton welcomed Senators and Guests

Chair Overton recognized the new senators.

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 12, April 5, 2011 March 22, 2011
The minutes were approved as corrected.

4. Remarks from Chancellor Woodson
Chancellor Woodson reported on his morning visit to the General Assembly.  He stated that the first budget proposal has been put on the table by the House Subcommittee on Education. 

Chancellor Woodson gave an update on funding for Pell Grants.  He reported that the Federal Government proposed a new continuing resolution that will fund Pell Grants at the current rate. 

Chancellor Woodson reported on the Federal Government’s proposal to cut NC State’s base appropriation of 15.5%, which he said, is huge.  They have also proposed a cut to the tuition remission provided to out of state graduate students that are funded off of research or teaching assistantships, and they have proposed eliminating the funding the state provides to the university for the premiere scholarship programs. 

Chancellor Woodson reported on funds provided for tuition by the state. The state currently provides money to make tuition equal for in state and out of state students, which gives us the competitive advantage to recruit out of state students, and it enhances our ability to get in state students. 

Strategic Planning
Chancellor Woodson reported that the revised Strategic Plan has been sent to the BOT and they will meet later this week to formerly adopt the plan.

The Board of Governors awarded their annual Award for Excellence in teaching to Sarah Ash, Professor of Food, Bioprocessing & Nutrition Sciences.

The speaker for the spring graduation is Jim Rogers, the current CEO of Duke Energy. 

Recognition of the Chair of the Faculty
Chancellor Woodson stated that Chair Overton has represented the faculty well and she has represented this university well to the Board of Trustees, the Executive Officers, and the Faculty Senate. Chancellor invited the Senate to join him in congratulating her for an outstanding tenure as Chair of the Faculty.

Benny Suggs, Executive Director of the NC State Alumni Association, presented Chair Overton with a chair on behalf of the Chancellor and the Alumni Association.

Chair-Elect Kellner presented gifts to the outgoing Chair and Secretary of the Faculty.

5. Committee Reports
Academic Policy Committee
Senator Argyropoulos reported that in reviewing the University Grievance Procedure for Students, the Academic Policy Committee found a number of areas that were unclear, incomplete or contradictory.  The committee recommended several changes and is waiting to receive the re-write from Legal and examine the revised text in view of the work that was done before.

Undergraduate Student Success
The committee examined this issue with the objective to facilitate student mobility from program to program and from college to college so as to ensure that students don’t get stuck in an unsuccessful track and never graduate.

The committee discussed the issue over a number of sessions and invited Vice Provost Louis Hunt to assist in its deliberations towards identifying such a mechanism.

Faculty Teaching and Evaluations for Promotion and Tenure
The concern centered on the use of untenured (either assistant professors or non-tenure track professionals) to evaluate faculty teaching for promotion and/or tenure.

This issue was presented to University Counsel as the procedures are currently being reviewed and revised.

The Academic Policy Committee examined and discussed a matter of concern brought up at a Chancellor's liaison meeting by affected students. More specifically as the policy affects students participating in university activities (e.g. athletes, student government, etc.) with excused absences.  Carrie Leger and Debbie Yow have created a strict class attendance policy for athletes indicating that they are willing partners in trying to reduce problems associated with students participating in athletic events.

Approval Process of the University Standing Committees for next Academic year
Amy Jinnette visited with the Academic Policy Committee and discussed the proposed compositions for the following standing committees:  Admissions; Commencement; Courses & Curricula; Evaluation & Teaching; Council on Undergraduate Education.  While most suggestions were ratified, some suggested modifications were made for possible adoption.

Governance Committee
Senator Auerbach reported that the committee reviewed and critiqued some of the task forces from the early days of strategic planning, which was included in the final version.  The committee also reviewed the Faculty Senate voting process.

Personnel Policy Committee
Senator Levy reported that the committee addressed faculty titles, 604/607 grievance policy, and worked with the standing committee on a procedure for faculty grievances.  They worked with several people including Becky Leonard and Marc Okner on developing a mediation course for faculty mediators.  The course will be available in May.  The committee also addressed issues about group insurance, and accommodations required by university and federal law for women needing lactation space. 

Resources and Environment
Senator Bernhard reported that the committee met three times during the fall semester and discussed a number of issues related to the service and environment at the university.  The fence at the new Chancellor’s residence imposing on the use of lake Raleigh Road,  they found that the work being done is consistent with the past work done.  The committee also addressed a number of other issues (please see  the full minutes below).

6. Liaison Reports
Jeannette Moore –Administrative Board of the Graduate School
Senator Moore reported that the Administrative Board of the Graduate School made progress on a number of items this year.  Thesis and dissertations are now done on line.   The grievance procedure is now more concise and clearer than the original one.  The PRR’s –many of the graduate school regulations are being replaced by rules and the advantage is it is a quicker process to amend.  The graduate school is working to simplify the “full time” definition and that includes removal of restrictions on the 699 and 899 courses. 

The last item is an ongoing problem of having teachers who are not on the graduate faculty teach graduate courses.  Special permission from the graduate school is required if that happens and that permission should be granted prior to the semester. 

Walter Robinson—Physical Environment
Senator Robinson reported that the Physical Environment Committee discussed a number of developments of buildings and facilities that included the clubhouse for the University golf course and the Art Museum.  Rental housing for the public is likely aimed at post docs, graduate students, and faculty on Centennial Campus.  They also discussed the development of the renovation for the Talley Student Center, campus sustainability, and transportation on campus, i.e., car pools, zip cars, and the Wolfline program.

Richard Bernhard -Library Committee
Senator Bernhard reported that there is not enough money to pay for everything with the opening of the new Hunt Library and the decline of the refusal of the state to provide additional positions. There is a plan to reduce the budget for the library collections where they are expecting to decrease the book acquisitions at 17,000 titles a year and the journal subscriptions by 150 titles.  Materials that are not PhD programs are planned to be cut also. 

Funkhouser- Group Insurance and Benefits
Senator Funhouser reported that they reviewed the 403B plan.  He also mentioned the establishment of a loan fund for SPA employees where some of the lower paid SPA employees could go to get a loan for $500, which is apparently being done at Chapel Hill.

Health benefits for partners were discussed, that this should be permitted and allowed.  Also the possibility of separate health benefits for the UNC System, separate from all the North Carolina State employees.  The issue of life insurance for retirees was also discussed.   MET Life have agreed to look at a way to reduce the premiums for retirees.

7. Elections
Faculty Assembly
Senator Richard Bernhard was elected to serve a two-year term on the Faculty Assembly.  Senator Hamid Krim was elected to a two-year term as an alternate.

Secretary of the Faculty
Senator Roby Sawyers was elected to serve a two-year term as Secretary of the Faculty.

Council on Athletics
James Mickle, Associate Professor, Plant Biology and Debbie Williamson, Physical Education were elected to serve on the Council  on Athletics.

8. Election to Nominate Candidates for the Executive Committee
The Senators selected candidates for the 2011-2012 Executive Committee.

9. Adjournment  of the 57th Session 
The 57th session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

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