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April 27, 1999

Senators present: Chair Wahl, Chair-Elect Corbin, Secretary Daley, Interim Provost Moreland, Parliamentarian Link, Senators Bernhard, Bottcher, Brown, Carter, El-Masry, Fahmy, Fisher, FitzGerald, Gilbert, Grainger, Griffin, Kimler, Hooker, Knowles, Markham, Monahan, Nagel, Patty, Peel, Robinson, Schwab, Serow, Siderelis, Suh, Wall, Werner, Wilkerson

Senators absent: Senators De Buysscher, Funderlic, Hamouda, Lewis, Riddle

Visitors: Ida Smoak, Associate Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine; June Brotherton, Associate Vice Chancellor for Extension; Everette Prosise, Assistant Vice Chancellor for University Extension; Arlene Malinowski, Associate Professor, Rebecca Leonard, Assistant Provost; Jesse L. Grimes, Associate Professor, Poultry Science; Bill Padgett, Chair, Staff Senate; Daniel Bunce, Assistant Editor, News Services; Ray Long, Professor, Crop Science; Frank Abrams, Senior Associate Provost; Ashly B. Perry, Senior Staff Writer, Technician; Bruce Mallette, Assistant Provost; John B., Student Senate Pro Tempore

1. Call to Order
The fourteenth meeting of the forty fifth session of the NC State Faculty Senate was called to order at 3:00 p.m. by Chair George Wahl.

2. Welcome and Announcements
Chair Wahl welcomed Senators and Guests

Chair Wahl announced that he was very impressed with both of the candidates for the position of Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources.

3. Remarks on Bridges
Michele Magill, Professor from the Department of Foreign Languages, reported that Bridges is a program for women in higher education which aims at identifying, gaining or strengthening administrative capabilities. She completed Bridges in December. The program ran for four months and included week-end retreats. Most of the sessions took place at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill. Thirty six women from twelve institutions across the state attended. Six of which were from NC State. They learned about leadership, organizational structure, financial resources, human resources, legal and ethical issues. They practiced public speaking, negotiating, team building as well as conflict resolution. She noted that they left the program with a strategy plan for the future, and a great network of friends and connections.

Michele stated that 198 women have completed Bridges. She feels that it is a wonderful opportunity for female faculty who are looking to move into academic administration. The deadline for the next Bridges is May 7.

Secretary Daley wanted to know how many of the 198 women have gone into administration.

Assistant Provost Leonard responded that out of the fifty who attended from NC State, approximately six have left the university for other administrative opportunities. Half of them remaining have either been promoted in their present position in administration or have gone into administrative positions. The others are either looking or have decided not to.

Assistant Provost Leonard added that NC State supports the tuition for all women from NC State to attend Bridges.

4. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 13, April 13, 1999
The minutes of the thirteenth meeting of the forty-fifth session of the NC State Faculty Senate were approved as corrected.

5. Unfinished Business
A. Election Progress
Chair Wahl recognized the new Senators from each College.

B. Second Reading: Resolution on Benefits
Senator Serow noted that the Staff Senate has already adopted the resolution. He read the resolution for its second reading.
The motion passed without dissent to adopt the resolution.

C. Second Reading: Resolution on Academic Computing Infrastructure and Support
Senator Wilkerson read the resolution for its second reading. The first line of the second resolve was amended to include staff and students.

The motion passed to adopt the amended resolution with one dissenting vote.

D. Second Reading: Resolution on Ecological Audit
Senator Hooker read the resolution for its second reading. The motion to adopt the resolution passed without dissent.

E. Second Reading: Resolution on Rewards for University Service
Senator Monahan read the resolution for its second reading.

Senator Knowles wanted to know who (which committee, which people, etc.) would decide how much the reward would be.

Senator Monahan responded that at this point, they would like to get approval for the idea. Perhaps the details of the implementation will take place next year.

Senator Hooker feels that a more appropriate location for this, rather than on the individual committees might be for the Chair of the Staff Senate who does not receive this same compensation. He stated that recognizing that, he would like to know if it can be made broader to include faculty and staff to recognize the fact that our colleagues are also in the same situation.

Senator Monahan stated that it is an issue that he is concerned about, but feels the best thing to do is to put their own house in order and lead by their example.

Senator Brown stated that she will be voting against the resolution as it stands because she feels that it focuses on faculty and there are professional EPA Staff that falls into the same situation. She also thinks that it sets a bad example and feels serving the university is a privilege.

The motion to adopt the resolution passed with a split vote.

E. Proposal for Changes in General Faculty Bylaws
Senator Monahan reported that a report was approved by the Faculty Senate last fall that recommended changes in the procedures for handling EPA Professionals. The Senate approved another report which removed the other activities of the University Government Committee. To implement the changes in the General Faculty Bylaws, he moved that the Faculty Senate send the revisions to the University Government Committee and General Faculty for approval.

The motion was seconded and passed without dissent.

6. New Business
A. Memorial - N. F. J. (Sy Mathews) (Attached)
Chair Wahl read a memorial statement for Dr. N. F. J. Mathews.

B. Memorial - Past Chair of the Faculty Senate - Gilbert (Gib) Smith
Chair Wahl noted that he is accepting donations to purchase a memorial for Past Chair Smith.

Chair-Elect Corbin read excerpts from a previous document that the Faculty Senate accepted. He plans to work with the Chair of the Foreign Language Department in preparing a final document to be sent to Gilbert Smith's family.

C. Election of Secretary of the Faculty Senate 1999-2001
Senator Philip Carter from the College of Veterinary Medicine was elected to serve as Secretary of the Faculty Senate.

7. Reports
A. Academic Policy Committee
Senator Harriette Griffin, Chair of the Academic Policy Committee, distributed an outline of proposals from the Admissions Committee. The Academic Policy Committee unanimously endorsed the recommendations. She moved that the Senate endorse the recommendations of the Admissions Committee.
The motion was seconded and passed without dissent.

B. Governance Committee
Senator Monahan reported that in recent years the Grievance and Hearings procedures have encountered certain problems that demand attention, namely excessive delays, procedural irregularities, and inadequate reports. The Governance Committee has been investigating these problems and working with the University Counsel on improvements.

The major change that the committee recommends is to separate the roles of the committee of faculty as juror and the convener of the proceeding. They propose that Chairs be elected to run the Grievance or Hearings proceeding, and that the committee of faculty make the decision and write the report of its recommendation.

Senator Monahan moved that the Chair of the Faculty transmit the recommendations to the University Counsel so that a change in the procedures can be drafted during the summer which would enable the draft to be returned to the Governance Committee of the Faculty Senate for study and adoption in the fall .

The motion was seconded and passed without dissent.

C. Personnel Policy Committee
Senator Serow, Chair of the Personnel Policy Committee, handed out a copy of the Committee's Annual Report. He noted that most of the items recount some of the issues the committee worked on during the year.

He stated that last year the committee obtained the agreement of the Benefits Office to seek out a vendor for personal liability insurance.

Secretary Daley reported that the Benefits Office discovered that they can get a rider on the existing policy to add sexual harassment to the coverage for only $3.00. He feels that this will enhance the optional private liability insurance tremendously.

D. Resources and Environment Committee
Senator Carter reported that their most important initiatives throughout the semester were the two environmental resolutions. He stated that through the Chair of the Faculty the committee was able to pass a ruling on skateboarding. A resolution on computer resources was also passed.

Senator Carter noted that the committee met at two different sites (Centennial Campus & Student's Health Services) to acquire a better feel for the new developments on campus, for their business meeting as well as to receive guests.

E. General Faculty Meeting
Chair Wahl reported that a week from today, May 4, 1999, the General Faculty Meeting will be held at 2:00 p.m. in 124 Dabney. He noted that the Chancellor will be there and that there will be three important reports. One of which will be from the Hewlett Fellows. The second will be one of our former Senators, Anne Marie Stomp who will be discussing how she established a start up company based on her research using monies newly available through the university. The least of the three Faculty success stories will be one centered around genomic and bioinformatics. Chair Wahl encouraged the faculty to attend.

F. Report of Conference Committee on Extension Academy
Senator Schwab handed out copies of the amended bylaws for the Academy of Outstanding Faculty Engaged in Extension. She stated that last spring the Faculty Senate approved the bylaws for the Academy of Outstanding Extension Faculty. It was sent to the University Council and they brought back some proposals to amend the bylaws. She reported that in the existing bylaws that were approved last year, sixteen awards would be given per year. They would be allocated among the different colleges and administration.

The University Council proposed that the committee give all of the colleges and administration two nominations which would be twenty two nominations. Out of those twenty two nominations, they proposed that seven awards would be given each year. The intent was to make it a more competitive, meaningful award among the colleges. That sparked a great deal of discussion and debate. It was discussed in several committees and eventually came to the Conference Committee. She reported that the revised bylaws is a result of that Conference Committee. The Conference Committee decided that they would retain the two nominations per college. It also gave the Cooperative Extension Service two nominations. That would give twenty four nominations. One third of those would be inducted into the academy each year. She moved that the rules be suspended to vote on the bylaws. The motion was seconded and passed without dissent.

The bylaws were voted on and passed with one dissenting vote.

G. Report of the Conference Committee on Attendance Regulation
Senator Griffin reported that the Faculty Senate endorsed some recommendations made by the Academic Policy Committee as they related to the attendance policy. In particular, the wording of policies relating to excused absences. There was some concern expressed by the administration that perhaps the wording of their recommendations might be unfair to students, so a Conference Committee was recommended.

Senator Griffin reported that the Conference Committee met last Tuesday morning and drafted some recommendations for revisions to the attendance regulations. The Academic Policy Committee met last Tuesday afternoon and unanimously endorsed the recommendations with some minor changes that were made. The Conference Committee approved the revised recommendations. Senator Griffin moved that the Senate endorse the recommended revisions in the NCSU Attendance Regulation.

The motion was seconded and passed without dissent.

8. Transfer of Gavel to Fred Corbin
Chair Wahl turned the gavel over to Chair-Elect Corbin.

9. Adjournment
Chair-Elect Corbin adjourned the meeting at 5:00 p.m.

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