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February 24, 2004

1. Call to Order
Chair Dennis M. Daley called the eleventh meeting of the fiftieth session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2.  Welcome and Announcements
Chair Daley welcomed Senators and Guests.

Chair Daley announced that delegates will be elected to serve on the Faculty Assembly and on the Athletics Council at the April 6th meeting.

3.  Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 10,  February 10, 2004
The minutes were approved as corrected.

4.  Remarks from Provost Oblinger
Provost Oblinger commented on the SACS Accreditation Review, Compact Planning, the Dean searches and nominations for Honorary Degrees.

5.  Memorial Statement for G. Wallace Giles
Professors Charlie Suggs, George Blum, and Bynum Driggers presented a memorial statement to honor Professor G. Wallace Giles, Professor Emeritus and former Department Head of Biological and Agriculture Engineering.

6.  Remarks from Dr. Robert Sowell, Dean of the Graduate School
Dean Sowell summarized some of the highlights of the National Research Council Assessment Program (NRC).

7.  Remarks from Jo Allen, Interim Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
Jo Allen commented on Undergraduate Affairs and the role they play in the University of Service Office.

8.  Remarks By Greg Cain, Assistant Director for Parking Services
Greg Cain remarked on the biggest concerns and issues related to parking that need to be addressed in the short term. 

Cain stated that they are recommending elimination of cross parking in the two decks and also for the resident zones.  This will enable them to better manage both the areas and the numbers of parkers. It will ensure that the numbers of permits sold are in those areas where they can get the greatest use of the existing space and maximize their efficiency without having an overloaded situation.  

9.   SACS Accreditation
Alton Banks, Director of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning stated that SACS modified the reaffirmation process to replace the very extensive checklist of items numbering more than four hundred to a group of approximately seventy-five.  Over the past eighteen months careful attention to those standards have been addressed by two groups of colleagues: the Compliance Team, co-chaired by William Kimler from History and Karen Helm from University Planning and Analysis, and the Institutional Effectiveness Compliance Team that was co-chaired by Jeff Schaub from Mathematics and Ephraim  Schechter also from University Planning and Analysis.

Comments from Karen Helm
Karen Helm, Director of University Planning and Analysis stated that the onsite review will take place on March 23-25.  The items that will be reviewed cluster around assessment, particularly general education graduate programs and assessment in administrative units.  They will also be looking at how faculty credentials are documented.  Helm stated that their main task is to consult with us on the LITRE Plan.

10. Issues of Concern
Senator Beasley stated that a colleague is concerned about a retirement “death benefit” that is not well understood by faculty.

Senator Beasley stated that a colleague is concerned that the State Health Plan does not provide and Employee/Spouse coverage option.

Chair Daley directed the concerns to the Personnel Policy Committee to have them redirect them to the Group Insurance and Benefits Committee.

Past Chair Carter stated that members of the Board of the University Club recently approached him for input on some proposals for improving participation in the University Club.

Chair Daley assigned the concern to the Resources and Environment Committee.

Senator Jasper stated that the university issued new cards because they were concerned about social security numbers being on them.  However social security numbers appear on our benefits cards.  He was wondering if there was going to be any action to get this more in line with the university.

Chair Daley stated that he would have the Personnel Policy Committee check with the Group Insurance and Benefits Committee on that issue.

Senator Bruck stated that he would like to be filled in on changes coming up on the GER requirements in Humanities.

Chair Daley stated that there are proposals to make changes on the general education requirements that will have to go through the proper committee structure before they can be implemented. 

Senator Tetro would like the text support system to follow the same pattern as the university when it comes to not using an employee’s social security number for identification.  She noted that she still has to give them the last four digits of her social security number or her date of birth. 

Chair Daley referred the concern to the Resources and Environment Committee.

11.  New Business 
Voting Faculty Involved in Special Faculty Hiring
Senator McRae stated that in response to some concerns that have been expressed on the part of department heads to hire special faculty to work in their departments, the members of the committee believe that they should change the requirement for consultation on special faculty with the word “professor” in their titles so that they would be voted on by the voting faculty of the department just as a tenured track professor in the department is voted on by the voting faculty. 

Chair Daley noted that since the document is being introduced to the Senate today, it will be voted on at the next meeting.

Response to Issues of Concern
Senator McRae stated that the committee discussed Senator Brownie’s concern and agreed that it involved personnel issues that the committee is not equipped to deal with.  They forwarded the concern to the Provost’s Office with the request that it be investigated and processed by his office.

Senator McRae stated that on the issue of retention packages, the committee is in the process of compiling some questions for the Provost’s Office, which they hope, will clarify the issues.

Finally the committee is discussing several aspects of the RPT implementation and regulation.  Currently they are focusing on the six realms of faculty responsibility.  The committee plans to come up with a recommendation soon.

Faculty Senate Nominations for Chair-Elect of the Faculty
Three faculty members were nominated to run as Chair-Elect of the Faculty; Senator Nina Allen, from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Senator Cecil Brownie, from the College of Veterinary Medicine, and Senator Richard Bernhard from the College of Engineering.

Prior to the senators voting, the nominees were given an opportunity to make a short statement to the Faculty Senate.  After the votes were counted, it was determined that Senators Nina Allen and Richard Bernhard would be the two candidates to run for the office of Chair-Elect of the Faculty.

12.  Adjournment
Chair Daley adjourned the meeting at 5:10 p.m.

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