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January 10, 2006

1.  Call to Order
Chair Nina Strömgren Allen called the ninth meeting of the fifty-second session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2. Welcome and Announcements
Chair Allen announced that the meeting date for the General Faculty meeting has changed.  President Bowles will be here February 23 instead of February 14 to speak at the General Faculty Meeting.  The meeting will be held at 3 p.m. in the Stewart Theatre.   Please come and bring with you other faculty in your colleges.  It should be informative and interesting.

Chair Allen stated that several people have mentioned the point of communications from senators to faculty.  She told the senators to make sure that there are effective communication lines in place within each college. 

Today’s N&O stated that UNC Chapel Hill again was ranked first as the best educational value in the land by Kiplinger’s personal finance.  NC State is also ranked high in that venue.

Announcement from Melissa Watkins, Chair of the Staff Senate
Melissa Watkins, Chair of the Staff Senate stated that their trip to the Gulf Coast in December went over so well that they are being charged to go again this spring.  They are planning another trip on Friday, March 3 and will return on Tuesday, March 8.  Since they will be traveling during spring break she hopes that possibly some faculty and more students will be able to go.  Melissa noted that fourteen individuals went during the fall and worked with three firemen in helping rebuild their homes that were damaged in the flood.

Emerging Issues Forum
If you would like to attend the Emerging Issues Forum, Vernice Stevenson will be receiving applications for scholarships that have been kindly provided by the Provost’s Office.  You will receive a notice by email.

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 8, November 29, 2005
The motion passed unanimously to approve the minutes.

4. Remarks from Provost Nielsen 
Provost Nielsen commented on the Strategic Planning process and the “Pack Promise”.

A strategic planning process has to be bottoms up and top down.  It has to be both and not one or the other.  So what we have begun is some of the top down thinking that we hope can inform now some of the bottom up thinking that will subsequently follow where we need to go as an institution generally and specifically.  The intention here is that this is just a start. 

Provost Nielsen also added that compact planning is the implementation planning process that we have used for the last five years and will continue to use in a different form over the next four years. 

Our intention this year is to do a very simple iteration on the compact plans that exist now and ask the deans and unit leaders to think about what they have had in the past two years and what they think they want to accomplish for the 06-07 year, which would complete a three year cycle and then we would use the strategic plan that we have begun to put together as the vision to help guide the formation of the next three-year compact plan for the institution.  The three-year plan would take effect from 2007 to 2010 time period. 

The Pack Promise is our commitment to provide the right environment so that our students can succeed well and will know and have the resources they need to stay in school and graduate.  We will be implementing for 06-07 a version of the pack promise, which, will assure 100% financial aid needs met for the lowest category of income students at the university.  That is people whose family income is no more than 150% of the federal poverty level. 

5.   Remarks from Karen Helm, Director of University Planning & Analysis
Why a Strategic Plan Now?

Karen Helm, Director of University Planning and Analysis stated that she thinks the Provost did a good job of discussing that but also mentioned that Chancellor Oblinger recognized the need for a consistent message that he could deliver to external consistencies like President Bowles as well as the General Assembly, a consistent message externally as well as internally. In addition, Vice Chancellor Terry Wood coincidentally embarked on a new marketing plan for the university and immediately everyone saw that there was a need to develop a marketing plan that was consistent with the strategy the university would adopt.

There was a small group including the Provost, a couple Vice Chancellors and deans who started knitting these pieces together.  Cat Warren from the English Department joined the drafting group at the end of the last semester.  That group took on the task of putting together something that a larger planning group could consider and that group has met twice.  The group consists of the Executive Officers, the Deans, and the Chair of the Faculty, Cat Warren and John Ocko representing the faculty viewpoint and now they are at a point where they are looking for campus input.  Input received by January 17 will be used to develop the next draft of this strategic plan for the university council to consider on January 23.  Our goal is to complete this strategic plan by spring.  The plan would be used by the Chancellor to interact with external audiences including the President and the General Assembly.  Others can use it on campus to encourage the development of programs and services that are consistent with the vision that is incorporated in this plan.  It can be used to identify priorities for investments.

6.   Issues of Concern
Secretary Bruck stated that he was asked why nine-month EPA employees who do not receive vacation leave are not included in the bonus leave package received by SPA employees and twelve-month employees if this is part of the overall compensation for faculty, staff, and employees throughout the state.  Chair Allen assigned the issue of concern to the Personnel Policy Committee. 

Senator Tetro wants to know why there are 4,000 (LA) late grades this year. Chair Allen assigned the issue of concern to the Academic Policy Committee.

Senator Blank stated that an issue of concern came to him about REG 05.20.8 concerning evaluation of faculty outreach in the scholarship of extension and engagement.  A number of extension faculty members made him aware that they are very much concerned about the change in the wording. 

Chair Allen assigned the concern to the Personnel Policy Committee.

Zachery Adams, Student Senate President ProTempore stated that the Student Senate is concerned with the recurring money problems with students and wonders why the university doesn’t incorporate financial management issues into E101 or First Year College introductory courses teaching students how to manage their money so that it is not such a concern later on. 

Chair Allen assigned the issue of concern to the Academic Policy Committee.

7.   Old Business
REG 01.25.03 - Copyright Regulation

Suzanne Weiner presented the regulation on copyright to the Senate for approval.

Provost Nielsen stated that he believes they have done in this copyright revision exactly what the faculty wanted done. 

A motion was made and seconded to approve the regulation.  The motion passed unanimously.

8. Reports
Governance Committee
Senator Aaron Clark, Chair of the Governance Committee updated the Senate on the review of the undergraduate and graduate deans.

Senator Clark stated that the committee interviewed both deans extensively and has also worked with Senior Vice Provost Perry.  A draft regulation has been developed and the committee is hoping to have this issue completed this month.

Personnel Policy Committee
Senator Robarge, Chair of the Personnel Policy Committee stated that at the beginning of last semester a request was made regarding rescheduling the times of benefits sessions. The committee consulted with Human Resources and they are willing to arrange the benefits sessions any time that would be agreeable to the faculty on campus.  They are seeking input as to what those times would be. 

Human Resources tried to accommodate the request with the outcome being they were there but no one showed up so they are waiting for the senators to suggest what times would be convenient so they can communicate it back to the faculty.  This schedule would include evening and weekend hours.

Senator Robarge stated that the Provost and Senior Vice Provost Perry initiated discussions several months ago about the question of an ombuds position on campus.    They are moving forward to evaluate very seriously whether they want to evolve an ombuds office on this campus or whether they want to somehow utilize what is already here in a better way.

Comments from Barbara Carroll, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
Barbara Carroll, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources announced that there would be a new employee assistance program on campus. Such programs provide confidential counseling intervention referrals when people are struggling with issues that may impact their ability to perform effectively in the work place.
Associate Vice Chancellor Carroll stated that we now have an EPA coordinator who is attempting to work with some logistical aspects of complexities of the employment relationships with EPA types and also to try to build some consulting capacity so that if you are a department head and you are dealing with an issue some support or consulting can be provided.  She noted that will be part of the dialogue on this issue of ombuds and who can access that and what services are available and what we do with information and how we will work through concerns. 

9. Adjournment
A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.

The motion passed unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 4:50 p.m.


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