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February 7, 2006

1.  Call to Order
Chair Nina Strömgren Allen called the eleventh meeting of the fifty-second session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2. Welcome and Announcements from the Chair
Chair Allen welcomed Senators and Guests.

Chair Allen announced that the General Faculty Meeting would be held on February 23, 2006 at 3 p.m. in Stewart Theatre.

Senator Brownie was congratulated on receiving the John R. Larkins Award.

Senator Brownie presented some paint peelings that he retrieved from walls around the campus. He stated that as a toxicologist he is very concerned about lead.  He plans to have the peelings tested for lead and will report the findings back to the Senate.

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 10, January 24, 2006
The motion passed unanimously to approve the minutes.

4.  Remarks from Dr. Larry Nielsen, Provost
Provost Nielsen noted that one of the fundamental reasons that he likes his job is that he gets the opportunity on a daily basis to think about making decisions in the context of why we are here as an institution and in the contexts of the principles under which we say we operate. He noted that it is a privilege and a joy to be in an institution like this.

International Programs
Provost Nielsen stated that the Vice Provost for International Affairs position would be filled with an interim person for approximately fifteen months.  That person will be charged with helping them do strategic thinking, working with NC State community and the Office of the Provost to figure out where we need to go. 

Graduation Rates
Provost Nielsen stated, “More needs to be done about our graduation rates.”  He would like to see us work much closer with the high schools and community colleges to make the transition as efficient and effective as possible. 

5. Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, Barbara Carroll, AVC for Human Resources
Barbara Carroll, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources stated that they have collaborated with the state of North Carolina to develop a relationship for an Employee Assistance Program.

They have contracted with an organization called Deer Oaks, which is a nationwide provider of mental/behavior health services including employee assistance program organizations in eleven states.  Deer Oaks is based out of San Antonio, Texas and have developed a network of providers across North Carolina. 

Services include direct assistance in terms of initial assessment and not extensive canceling services but it will refer patients to other resources.  It is not limited to faculty or staff members but also available to family members as well.  In addition to the direct services through Human Resources, Deer Oaks will also work to help provide consultation referral services for managers and supervisors. 

The program is in effect as of February 1, 2006.  The initial consultation is at no cost to the employee.  It is available 24/7 three hundred sixty five days per year. 

The program is available to all regular employees, EPA and SPA including post docs.  It is also available to the immediate family members of covered employees.  They do this on a good faith basis, which is if you call and say that you are an employee or a family member of an employee at NC State they will believe you. 

Associate Vice Chancellor Carroll stated that this is a confidential service and they will get no information back from the vendor about specific individuals.  Utilization data will be provided so that they will know how many employees are availing themselves to the service. 

Deer Oaks can be reached directly with the toll free number or by going to the Human Resources website and following the links to the faculty and staff assistance program or you can go directly to Deer Oaks website. 

Associate Vice Chancellor Carroll stated that in the best scenario a daycare on campus looks like a three to eight year process depending on how quickly they can come up with the funds. 

The interim solution would be to have NC State identify centers where there would be a critical mass of participates to guarantee a number of slots in that center so that there would be kind of an NC State team member and we would get enough people hopefully from our campus to participate in those centers that there would be some sense of affiliation and some opportunities to share pick ups. 

6. Issues of Concern
Senator Lindbo stated that several faculty members on campus are concerned about the amount of spam mail they are receiving.

Chair Allen stated that she would provide him with information to eliminate the spam mail.

7. Old Business
REG 05.02.08 Evaluation of the Scholarship on Extension and Engagement

Senator Hanley-Bowdoin, Vice Chair of the Personnel Policy Committee stated that the committee saw a draft of a set of regulations to replace the existing regulations on what constitutes scholarship activity and how to evaluate it in extension.  Their role was to review it and make recommendations and move forward.  After receiving it the committee realized that it was very general and that there was nothing in it that spoke to extension.

The committee also reviewed the RPT policy that have been changed dramatically over the past couple of years and came to the conclusion that pretty much everything that was in this recommended document has now been addressed in the RPT. 

A motion was made and seconded that the proposed changes to REG05.20.8 be withdrawn as being no longer needed or appropriate given the current Academic Tenure Policy (POL05.20.1) associated regulations.   The motion was voted on and passed unanimously.

A motion was made and second that the current regulation REG05.20.8 be repealed, as it is no longer consistent with the Academic Tenure Policy (POL05.20.1) and associated regulations.

The motion was voted on and passed unanimously.

Question Regarding Bonus Leave for 12-month Faculty Appointments
Senator Hanley-Bowdoin stated that a question was brought to the Faculty Senate regarding the bonus leave and who can be awarded the leave and who cannot.  As it stands unless you have a 12-month appointment as a faculty member you do not receive the bonus leave. 

It is clearly stated in the original legislation from the legislature that if you are not part of the leave system, if you do not acquire leave as a normal part of your position which nine-month faculty do not then you do not get the bonus leave.

8. New Business
Senator Martin voiced his concern about a memo issued by the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies with the subject “Urgent Visits to Congressional Offices in DC” requesting faculty and staff to inform Matt Peterson, Director of Federal Research Affairs or him of visits taken to our congressional offices, Senate or House in Washington DC on any related university business. 

Senator Martin stated, “I react very strongly because I think we are much better off to have a high level of communication and deal with specific issues rather than to restrict participation.  I have never heard a call from this university at any level of administration encouraging us to go interact with our representative.” 

Provost Nielsen stated that the university has no problem and encourages you to go and speak on behalf of the National Science Foundation budget or the Department of Energy Budget, etc. and noted that he did it a lot when he was representing a society for some other programs as a dean with the blessing of the university. It is meant to know about and perhaps curtail your activities if you represent them as being an NC State request because the congressional delegation as you might imagine gets an official one from us.

9. Reports
Senator Brownie reported that the Athletics Department has completed thus far interviewing candidates for the volleyball position.  They have not met to deliberate the final outcome but have looked at four candidates.

10. Adjournment
A motion passed to adjourned the meeting at 5:05 p.m.


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