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Minutes of the Faculty Senate

Executive Summary

Regular Meeting No. 1 of the 53rd Session: Faculty Senate Chambers: August 29, 2006
1. Call to Order

Chair Nina Strömgren Allen called the first meeting of the fifty-third session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2. Welcome and Announcements from the Chair

Chair Allen welcomed Senators and Guests.

Chair Allen opened the meeting with a moment of silence for Past Provost Kermit Hall who recently passed away while swimming.

Senators and Guests introduced themselves.

Senator Paul Khosla was nominated and elected to serve on the Budget Advisory Committee.

Chair Allen thanked Chancellor Oblinger and his wife for hosting a pig picking for members of the Faculty Senate.

Secretary Bruck announced that NC State has been identified in Washington to be the first unit outside of the DC area to participate in a new program called Environmentors. The program was started and funded by Al Gore in 1996 to work with both underprivileged and underrepresented high school students to get them involved in actual research. There are scholarships and a number of different opportunities. Anyone who is broadly involved with any type of environment research and are interested should contact him.

Senator Hanley-Bowdoin received a positive solution from Tom Kendig, Director of Transportation about campus access. If departments provide a list of post docs, graduate students, student assistants, technicians and others designated by departments as having a legitimate need to access North Campus to David Gregory, Parking Services Manager, they will have no difficulty gaining access.

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 16, May 2, 2006b>

The motion passed unanimously to approve the minutes.

4. Remarks from Dr. James Oblinger, Chancellor

Chancellor Oblinger reported on the high points for the university.

Legislative Report

Chancellor Oblinger attended a meeting with Erskine Bowles and his Administrative Council that is comprised of all the Chancellors in the system as well as his Vice Presidents in the General Administration offices. In that meeting they discussed the next two years’ budget.

Chancellor Oblinger celebrated the salary increases that were received in terms of faculty and EPA non-faculty as well as staff (SPA). The numbers were 6% for the first two categories and 5.5% for SPA and the first category was 100% merit and the second category basically across the board; $23.3M came to NC State to cover those raises, the most in raises for approximately fifteen years.

There was no budget reductions assigned to the university by the Legislature this past session.

This year an additional $21.5M were put into financial need for students. It came as a recurring budget item from the general fund.

The enrollment funding, something that the system has had to historically ask for every year was built in the continuing budget, which is huge for the system.

Targeting NC State in particular

· $61M for an engineering complex (Building #3)

· $2.0M for operational funding for BTECH in addition to $2.9M last year

· $18.5M Repair and Renovation funds

· Phased Retirement Plan has been retained

· Tuition Waiver Program expanded from two courses to three courses

· Contribution to the parental savings trust fund now tax deductible

· Authorization to move ahead with several non appropriated capital

Chancellor Oblinger noted that a couple of items are back because they were not addressed last year.

President Bowles is still concerned about faculty salaries. He has charged some people in General Administration with taking the peer institutions to look at what has often been referred to as salaries in the eightieth percentile.


Chancellor Oblinger praised Lee Fowler, Athletic Director for his willingness to attend Faculty Senate meetings and engage in the campus dialog whether it’s about athletics or something else.

Last year post season, seventeen of NC State’s twenty-three teams competed in post season. They did so well that the women in softball were NC State champions.

The community welcomed Sidney Lowe, our new basketball coach with opened arms and Chancellor Oblinger stated that he would also.

Over the summer, Chancellor Oblinger participated in a Blue Ribbon Committee for the future of Wake County. He noted that twenty-five years ago there were 210,000 citizens in Wake County. Twenty-five years from now it is estimated that there will be 210,000 students in Wake County. NC State although not a county entity receives tremendous credit for the way that Wake County has developed.

Deans Hired

Provost Nielsen has hired four deans.

Toby Parcel, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences

Louis Martin-Vega, College of Engineering

Bob Brown – Natural Resources

Chancellor Oblinger stated that each of them is the best person that was available at this point and time as will be our new dean in the Graduate School, Terri Lomax who is coming to NC State from Oregon State.

Web Redesign Project

Chancellor Oblinger stated that they are in the midst of a very extensive web redesign project that will solidify things centrally and at the same time feed what all of your particular units and activities comprise in this arena.

The university hosted Bob Berdahl, President of AAU for about three hours one afternoon and in between his visits to AAU Schools, Chancellor Oblinger and Carolina took him over to meet with colleagues at Duke.

Michael Rappa from the College of Management has the lead in the Analytics Institute, which is a very cooperative project with SAS. It will be a unique program in this country if not around the world.

This fall NC State will be approaching 31,000 students.


The President has launched PACE (President’s Advisory Committee on Efficiency and Effectiveness). PACE has been hard at work over the summer. NC State is a beta site for PACE as is North Carolina Central University. Charlie Leffler in particular have taken a leadership role and helped a lot of corporate types on that Board understand the language and also some of the business end of academic institutions.

As a result of a PACE analysis at General Administration, Mr. Bowles have eliminated a number of Vice Presidents and Associate Vice Presidents and staff members, about $2.0M worth of cuts in General Administration.

Chancellor Oblinger stated that in his opinion PACE does not mean a budget cut. It means taking a long hard look at what we are spending and if that is the best expense.

5. Upcoming Faculty Survey

Karen Helm, Director of University Planning and Analysis stated that the survey is another opportunity for the faculty to speak about what their concerns and ideas are. It will be the first time an extensive university-wide faculty survey has been done for at least a decade.

Helms encouraged the faculty to participate and to encourage their constituents to participate in this survey. The survey results will be reported next spring. They would like the help of the faculty in interpreting the results to figure out what they mean for NC State in terms of what are the issues of greatest concern to the NC State Faculty, what are faculty needs, and how should resources be targeted to improve the overall work environment for faculty at NC State.

6. Remarks from Marcia Gumpertz, Assistant VP for Faculty & Staff Diversity

Assistant Vice Provost Gumpertz reported briefly on the responsibilities and goals of the Office of Diversity and African American Affairs. She noted that research has been done in recent years that show having diverse groups working together enhances learning and promotes productivity.

Assistant Vice Provost Gumpertz is available to meet with faculty, search committees, and promotion and tenure committees.; Her contact is gumpertz@ncsu.edu.

7. Issues of Concern

In Senator Robarge’s absence, Chair-Elect Martin stated that Senator Robarge would like the Senate to review security issues on campus.

Chair Allen assigned the issue to the Resources and Environment Committee.

8. New Business

Chair Allen received the following two regulations from Senior Vice Provost Perry. She assigned them to the Personnel Policy Committee for it to review.

REG 05.00.2: Reasonable accommodations in employment

REG 04.20.5: Service Animals for Persons with Disabilities

Chair Allen received an email from Past Chair Daley regarding the GER proposal. She assigned that issue to the Academic Policy Committee.

9. Adjournment

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.

The motion passed to adjourn the meeting at 4:30 p.m.

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