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1.  Call to Order
Chair Nina Stromgren Allen called the eleventh meeting of the fifty-third session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2.   Welcome and Announcements
Chair Allen welcomed Senators and guests.

Senator Kinsella announced that there would be a three-day program related to the topic of global warming February 26-28 with panel discussions, a musical event, and a guest lecture by Elizabeth Kolbert, author of “Field Notes from a Catastrophe:  Man, Nature, and Climate Change.” 

Senator Paul Williams, Faculty Senate representative on the Earth Day Planning Committee announced that he is in charge of the labor for setups and running errands.  If anyone knows of student organizations that have a service requirement or function in ways that are indirectly related to earth day themes have them contact Senator Williams. The faculty is also invited to participate. 

Dr. Catherine Warren spoke briefly about a conference that the AAUP is having at the end of March.  This year the new president of the AAUP will give the keynote address at Chapel Hill.  The event will be open to the public.  There will also be a reception following the talk that will be open to everyone. 

The registration for tenure track and tenured faculty is fifteen dollars and for contingent faculty or graduate students ten dollars. 

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 10, January 30, 2007
The motion passed unanimously to approve the minutes.

4. Remarks from Tom O’Brien, Football Coach
Coach O’Brien stated at Boston College they found the middle ground between being a high profiled sports football team with being the top twenty-ranked football team yet graduating kids at the highest level.  He and his coaching staff look forward to working with the kids at NC State and they plan to do everything in their power to be champions in the classroom, in the community and on the football field.

5. Remarks by Provost Nielsen
Provost Nielsen commented on being in the “know” business.

The trust and respect that people afford us produces a trait of the “know” business that we are trusted to pursue our work as each one of us individually sees fit. 

We enjoy the enormous privilege of working in the “know” business.  We have the privilege and responsibility of working with young people who are just at the right age to learn. 

We all feel pressured and stressed so it is good to take a deep breath and see the larger picture every once and a while. 

Provost Nielsen stated that he marvels at his great fortune.  He thanks his parents for the opportunity that they gave him and continues to give and a big part of the joy he feels in life is because he gets to work in this great institution devoted to the best that life has to offer and to expect. 

6. New Elementary Education Department
Dr. Gerald Ponder, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Education commented on the Elementary Education Program. 

The program was developed in 2005 and approved by the General Administration in 2006.  The first cohort of official teachers started this fall with thirty and they are already the largest program in the College of Education.  The plan is to eventually top-out by design at 240 undergraduate students and 30 or more graduate students.   The program will generate approximately 4200 semester hours by each term. 

7.  Issues of Concern
An issue of concern was presented about the controversy surrounding the Pope Foundation. 

The concern was followed by a vigorous debate in which a number of senators shared opinion that it is not appropriate for NC State to accept money from the Pope Foundation. 

After much discussion on the issue Chair Allen suggested that the faculty keep an eye on the issue and noted that if needed it could be bought up again in the Senate.

8.  Old Business

Revision of Article II of the General Faculty Bylaws
Senator Khosla, Chair of the Governance Committee reviewed the recommended revisions to Article II of the General Faculty Bylaws. 

A motion was made and seconded to table the issue until the next meeting. 

9.  Reports
Regulation on Post Tenure Review

Senator Gary Moore made a motion to remove from the table the regulation on post tenure review.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Senator Robarge, Chair of the Personnel Policy Committee was charged with revision to the post tenure review regulation.  He reported that they are extensive in terms of verbiage but they do not change the fundamental nature of the regulation as it currently stands and at the end of the session last meeting he conveyed to the Senate that the committee had decided to approve all of the recommendations that had been brought forth by Senior Vice Provost Perry’s office regarding this regulation.

Senator Bruck moved to permanently table the report submitted by Senator Robarge and that the Senate endorse the working group proposed by Chair Elect Martin to move forward with its work.

The motion was seconded.

Secretary Bruck revamped the motion that he made for the Senate to endorse the working group of the Senate and department heads as proposed to exploring the post tenure review policy.  The motion was seconded.

After some discussion on the issue the motion passed with two abstentions.

Provost Nielsen endorsed the idea and suggested that Senior Vice Provost Perry be included in the group to explore the post tenure review policy.

Secretary Bruck moved to reinstate the motion to table indefinitely the report of the Personnel Policy Committee.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

10.  Adjournment
A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.

The motion passed to adjourn the meeting at 5:10 p.m.


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