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January 15, 2008


1.  Call to Order
Chair James D. Martin called the ninth meeting of the fifty-fourth session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2. Welcome
Chair Martin welcomed Senators and Guests.

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 8, December 4, 2007
The motion passed to approve the minutes. 

4. Remarks from the Chair
Chair Martin evaluated the first half of the fifty-fourth session of the Faculty Senate and talked about what he wanted to accomplish the last half of the year. He noted that this would be done through reports from the committees and discussions that each is working on.

Chair Martin invited the faculty to attend a strategic planning meeting on Thursday, January 24 at 3 p.m. in the Faculty Senate conference room. 

Chair Martin announced that a task force has been set up to look at the grievance policy and the task force consists of half administrators and half faculty.  He noted that the Personnel Policy Committee is working on creating a hearings policy.   

Chair Martin announced that a task force is soon to be established on the well being survey and advisory committee, which will also be constituted of half faculty and half administrators and that is at the stage where it will be announced very soon.

The General Faculty meeting will be March 20 in the Talley Student Center Ball room at 2:30 p.m.

The next Millennium Seminar will be January 31 at 3 p.m. in the Stewart Theatre.  Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration will be the keynote speaker. 

Snøhetta  is the design team that has been selected for the Hunt Library.  Snøhetta is based in Norway and New York.  There will be a variety of sessions where they will listen to campus needs to get an understanding of campus to shape into the building. 

Chair Martin announced that there is a task force on undergraduate student transitions.  The task force as currently constituted is heavily administrative.  

5. Remarks from Chancellor Oblinger
Chancellor Oblinger presented a DVD compiled of what was heard from participants and survey respondents relative to UNC Tomorrow.  Chancellor Oblinger stated that after hearing from real citizens about their concerns for the future, that NC State is well positioned to respond.   A response plan to the commission’s findings will be presented to the UNC Board of Governors in May 2008. 

Chancellor Oblinger reported that he learned this week that NC State will not be permitted to ask for anything that it didn’t ask for in the long session.  He noted that in many respects we didn’t get everything we wanted for the long session so it is time to follow up, particularly on the operational items.

Chancellor Oblinger reported that the first priority in capital this year is the balance of the Hunt Library, $97M. 

Chancellor Oblinger introduced Nevin Kessler as the new Vice Chancellor for University Advancements. 

6.  “A Proposed Change to NC State’s Sexual Assault Policy”
Four Sociology students gave a course presentation from last semester on “A Proposed Change to NC State’s Sexual Assault Policy”.  Their research and findings indicated that the current written policy dealing with this issue should be reviewed.  The senate was supportive of their recommendations.

7. Reports
Academic Policy Committee
Senator Janet Hudson, Chair of the Academic Policy Committee, reported that the committee   addressed the following items during the fall semester:  General Education Program (GEP) Proposal; Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s (ABM); Extended Drop Date; Class Averages on Transcripts; Student Incentives for Online Evaluations; Evaluation of Teaching REG 05.10.20; Online Course Material Host Requirements REG 08.00.11. 

A copy of the Academic Policy Report can be found at http://ncsu.edu/faculty_senate/faculty-senate-committees/Autumn-Report.php

8.  Adjournment
A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 5 p.m.


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