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March 11, 2008


1.  Call to Order
Chair James D. Martin called the thirteenth meeting of the fifty-fourth session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2. Welcome
Chair Martin welcomed Senators and Guests.

Comment from the Chair
Today we are going to hear from candidates for chair elect and we are going to spend time thinking about the UNC Tomorrow response and the campus response to the UNC Tomorrow report.  This will be in preparation for the General Faculty meeting that will be coming up. 

Chair Martin commented on the duties of the Chair of the Faculty
He stated that in this position you get to celebrate what is the very best about the university.  It helps select awardees.  It helps to congratulate those awardees on occasion.  You get to celebrate the accomplishments of students upon their graduation.  You also can get to see some of the worst of the university when individuals have been disenfranchised and need someone to talk to; this is an office where many come. 

Chair Martin reminded the senators of the standing committee that they serve on as Faculty Senate liaisons.

Dr. Catherine Warren, President of the North Carolina AAUP, announced that Jennifer Washburn is going to be the keynote speaker at the 2008 Annual Conference of the American Association of University Professors at UNC-CH.  The conference will be held at the FedEx Global Education Center.

3.   Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 12, February 26, 2008
The motion passed to approve the minutes as corrected. 

4. Candidate Statements by Chair-Elect of the Faculty Nominees
The candidates gave brief statements on why they would like to be elected as Chair-Elect of the Faculty.

Dr. Hans Kellner, Professor of English and Dr. Margery Overton, Professor of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering are the two candidates that will be running for the position of Chair Elect of the Faculty (2008-2009) and Chair of the Faculty (2009-2011).

5. Remarks from Chancellor Oblinger
Holladay Medalists
Chancellor Oblinger announced the three recipients of the Holladay Medal who will be recognized on May 8 at the Honors Baccalaureate.

The three recipients are Dr. Ray Fornes, Professor of Physics and the Associate Dean for Research in Physical and Mathematical Sciences; Dr. Nino Masnari, former Dean of the College of Engineering and the former Director of the Center for Advanced Electronic Materials Processing at NC State; and Dr. Troy Nagle, Professor and founding Chair of the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering with NC State and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Water Conservation Efforts
Chancellor Oblinger stated that the students have led a competitive effort in water conservation.  The winner of the contest between NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill will be announced during the ACC tournament. 

Budget Decisions of the BOG effective last Friday
Chancellor Oblinger reported that in the eyes of the Board of Governors, everything they will be asking for is related to UNC Tomorrow.

Comprehensive Review
Chancellor Oblinger reported that the Board of Governors require his comprehensive review during his fourth year as Chancellor and he has asked the Board of Trustees to be the assessment committee.  The campus surveys that are distributed will be completed online and the Research Triangle Institute will do the compilation.  As General Administration has recommended, there will be an outside consultant brought in. 

McQueen Campbell, Chair of the Board of Trustees will present the report along with his own self-assessment to the entire Board of Trustees on September 19 in a closed session. The Faculty Senate is one of the groups that will be asked to complete the instrument.

6.  Consideration of Regulation
Proposed revision to REG 11.00.1:  Family Educational Rights and Privacy (FERPA or Buckley Amendment)

The Personnel Policy committee recommended that the regulation be approved after the removal of the line “date and place of birth.” 

The motion was seconded.

After much discussion on the item, the motion passed to approve the regulation with one abstention.

Provost Nielsen commented on the campus response to the UNC Tomorrow Initiative

7.  Closed Session-Evaluation of Dr. Donn Ward, Chair of the Athletics Council
 A motion was made and seconded to move into closed session to consider the evaluation of Dr. Donn Ward, Chair of the Athletics Council.

The motion passed unanimously.

8.  Adjournment

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.

The motion passed to adjourn the meeting at 5 p.m.

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