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1.  Call to Order
Chair James D. Martin called the fourth meeting of the fifty-fifth session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2. Welcome
Chair Martin welcomed Senators and guests.

Comments from the Chair
Chair Martin noted that one of the senators has a schedule conflict so she will not be able to attend the Senate meetings.  The question was asked, should this person send a proxy?  The Executive Committee does not think a proxy is a good idea.  In the event that this should happen again, the Senate doesn’t formally have it in the bylaws, but if someone cannot for scheduling reasons attend a significant majority of the meetings, the recommendation is that there should be a replacement. 

Chair Martin stated last year there was some concern with the language in the background check regulation.  Much of the language has been improved however, it has been submitted to the Resources and Environment Committee. 

Chair Martin reported that the policy on the appeal of grievances to the Board of Trustees was modified because of changes to the code.  He has talked to the chair of the Academic Policy Committee of the Board of Trustees and they have agreed to get the policy to the Senate’s Personnel Policy Committee and the Personnel Policy Committee will review it and it will probably come back to the Senate for some recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

The General Faculty meeting is next Wednesday.  There will be a report from Nevin Kessler on the Achieve Campaign, and a lot of time will be spent looking at the Phase II of the UNC Tomorrow -- one component of that is looking at the faculty and staff recruitment and retention. 

Monday, October 13 Myles Brand, President of the NCAA, will be giving the next Millennium Seminar at 6 p.m. in the Stewart Theatre. 

The Budget 101 meeting will be October 22 and October 23. 

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 3, September 23, 2008
A motion passed to approve the minutes.

4.  Remarks from Chancellor Oblinger
Contract Review Task Force
Chancellor Oblinger encouraged the senators to review the thirty-eight recommendations that are in the report submitted by the taskforce.  He stated that the Faculty Senate would be intimately involved in the process.

Chancellor Oblinger announced that Peter McPherson, President of the National Association of Land Grant Colleges and Universities presented the Borlaug Lecture yesterday afternoon in honor of Norman Borlaug. 

Dr. Donn Ward, Head of the Department of Food Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences, and the Faculty Athletics Representative has announced his plans to retire at the end of August of next year.  In concert with the Executive Committee and Chair of the Faculty, Chancellor Oblinger appointed Dr. Sam Pardue, Head of the Poultry Science Department to replace Dr. Ward as Faculty Athletics Representative.

Chancellor Oblinger stated that with Jay Dawkins’ leadership, the students decided to develop a taskforce that would be a student response to hate speeches on campus.  The campus will be hearing more from that task force as they work through an initiative.

Searches Underway
The CHASS Dean Search is underway with sixty or seventy dossiers to review.  The search for Thomas Conway’s replacement as Undergraduate Dean has also launched and it is progressing well.  The Search Committee for the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies is proposing either ten or twelve airport interviews.  The second of three candidates will be on campus to interview for the Parks Scholarship Director Search. 

Tuition and Fees
Chancellor Oblinger reported that a tuition increase consistent with the higher education inflationary index of 3.6% came out of the tuition taskforce.  It has not yet gone through the conference committee where they talk about tuition and fees at the same time. 

Budget Situation
Chancellor Oblinger reported that approximately three weeks ago they received a note from the Office of State Management and Budget that NC State should be planning on not having to send back money but not receiving any in the first place, because 2% of our budget will be cut on a nonrecurring basis, and that equates to $9M.  Vice Chancellor Leffler, Provost Nielsen, and the Chancellor are talking with the deans and other groups to solicit input from across the campus, particularly from faculty, in the Budget 101 class as well as the budget advisory group. 

Chancellor Oblinger encouraged the faculty’s input next week at the General Faculty Meeting.  He noted that UNC Tomorrow is the future and everything that we do is going to be somehow related to UNC Tomorrow.

5. Trends and Trajectories for Campus Growth
Enrollment Goals – Karen Helm, Directory University Planning & Analysis
Karen Helm presented a PowerPoint presentation on enrollment goals.  She explained that they

maintain two enrollment plans at two different levels.  One is long term and the current enrollment plan goes out to 2017.  The long-range plan is going to be revised every two years. 

The Biennial enrollment plan is revised annually and it is primarily used to establish budget and enrollment projections, which, once it is approved by the legislature, it determines the appropriation for enrollment growth at NC State University.

Campus Facilities – Lisa Johnson, University Architect Office
Lisa Johnson presented a PowerPoint presentation on the space needed for NC State to grow to 40,000 students. 

Johnson stated that they looked at the numbers by college and by discipline and projected what would be needed to grow to 40,000 students; 1.3M assignable square feet would be needed which equates to 2.2 gross square feet and included in that gross square feet is mechanical circulation space and toilet space.

Classroom Scheduling, Louis Hunt, Vice Provost and University Registrar
Louis Hunt commented on how important classroom space really is and how patterns of social and intellectual interactions are occurring out of these spaces.  He thinks NC State has to be a leader in the area of hybrid courses.

6.  Adjournment
Chair Martin adjourned the meeting at 5:05 p.m.

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