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1.  Call to Order
Chair James D. Martin called the sixteenth meeting of the fifty-fifth session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2. Welcome and Announcements
Chair Martin welcomed Senators and guests.

Chair Martin congratulated and welcomed the new Senators.  

Dimitris Argyropoulos, Natural Resources; Richard Bernhard, Engineering (recurring); Barry Croom, CALS; James Kiwanuka-Tondo, CHASS; Hamid Krim, Engineering; Kerry Havner, Engineering (recurring); Henry Kidd, General Constituency; Michael Levy, Veterinary Medicine (recurring); Susan Miller-Cochran, CHASS; Barclay Poling, CALS (recurring); Roby Sawyers, Management; Scott Townsend, Design

Chair Martin requested that all committee chairs submit their annual reports so they can be included in the minutes.  

The Executive Committee meeting will be Thursday at 1 p.m. at Porter’s on Hillsborough Street.

The first Faculty Senate meeting for the fall will be August 25, 2009.

Executive Committee Summary
Chair Martin reported that the committee discussed the resolution on Lactation Space and the resolution on Inclusion of Faculty in Policy and Review.  There was extensive discussion on the Evaluation of Teaching guidelines, which have been on the WIKI.  There was also more discussion about the implementation of the new faculty activity reporting.

Chair Martin announced that the Delaware Study information would not be centrally collected this year, so we will not collect it locally either.  He stated that that activity is put off at least for a year and this is a matter that we need to pay continued attention to. 

Chair Martin reported that the committee had significant discussion about the relationship between the Senate and the Administrative Board of the Graduate School. 

Chair Martin reported that Provost Nielsen presented the Executive Committee with some information and discussion regarding the editorial by Professor Dean Whitten in the News and Observer

Chair Martin reported by way of update, that the Executive Committee had concern about the policy on the appeals to the Board of Trustees following a grievance case where it was found in favor of the grievant, but was overruled by the Chancellor.  They were given the opportunity to present concerns regarding that to the Board of Trustees last Thursday. 

3.  Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 15, April 7, 2009
A motion passed to approve the minutes.

4. Remarks from Chancellor Oblinger
Chancellor Oblinger announced that the university system and NC State in particular lost a great friend in Senator Vernon Malone.  He reflected on Senator Malone’s many accomplishments and asked for a moment of silence to honor his memory.  

Chancellor Oblinger reported that the Governor has already passed her version of the State Budget for next year.  The Senate gave very favorable treatment to education in general, but in particular, higher education. 

Chancellor Oblinger reported that we did not receive 7% of our allocated budget this current fiscal year, which is $35M.  If you look toward next fiscal year we are currently operating under the assumption that we will have a 5% recurring reversion that adds up to about $26M. 

Chancellor Oblinger announced that NC State hosted Hannah Gage, the Chair of the Board of Governors on campus and gave her a wide-ranging tour of facilities’ interaction with people at BTECH and the College of Design. 

Chancellor Oblinger stated that we have been successful in getting bonds and certificates of participation to be released as it relates to construction of the Hunt Library.

Chancellor Oblinger reported that the Talley Student Center was built in 1974 with a capacity of 14,000 and it has been modified little in that period of time.  We are now at 33,000 students and we need to have an exhaustive overhaul expansion of the student center and the majority of that cost will be through student fees for debt retirement.

Chancellor Oblinger announced that Dr. Maxine Atkinson, Professor and Head of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology would be recognized as the Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching from the NC State Campus.

Chancellor Oblinger announced that Kay Yow and her family was honored with a resolution this past Monday night by both bodies of the General Assembly for the years of service that she gave not just to NC State, but to causes such as breast cancer in women and all the millions of people that she touched simply by being Kay Yow.

Chancellor Oblinger announced that Kelli Harper from Western Carolina was named the next women’s basketball coach.  Harper has a degree in Mathematics.

The Campus Culture Taskforce
Chancellor Oblinger reported that there was a subcommittee chaired by Vice Chancellor Stafford and Vice Provost Picart that dealt with the campus climate, which is a long going effort of discussion of what we can do on this campus relative to values, ethics, and free speech.  They will be working on that over the summer and during next year. 

The second area of emphasis was the student conduct code that Vice Chancellor Stafford bought to our Board of Trustees on Thursday, and it was approved on Friday with modifications to the language and the sanctions associated with that language in the code of conduct. 

Jay Dawkins, then Student Body President and now our Senior Class President, was in charge of the free expression tunnel and brick yard practices.  The lighting has been enhanced and the boundaries of the free expression are very clearly identified and there is a plaque there that talks about the reason behind the free expression tunnel. 

Board of Trustee Changes
Chancellor Oblinger announced that six people will be rotating off of our Board of Trustees on June 30 and he also announced their replacements.  The Chancellor noted that there are still two appointees that the Governor will need to make.

Chancellor Oblinger announced that graduation will be May 9th and the speaker and Honorary Degree recipient is John C. Brown, the former Chief Scientist for Xerox.  Sarita Brown is also receiving an Honorary Degree and she is the President of Excelencia in Education, and Wayne Fuller who is an Emeritus Distinguished Professor in statistics and economics at Iowa State University will be the third of the three honorary degree recipients.

Chancellor Oblinger closed by thanking the Senators for being part of the Faculty Senate.  “Whether this is your last official meeting or whether this is your first or whether you are continuing, I appreciate what you have done for North Carolina State University and for your fellow faculty.” 

Chancellor Oblinger and Randy Hamm from Alumni Association presented the Chair of the Faculty with a NC State rocking chair for his dedicated services over the past two years.

5. Administrative Actions
Consider membership changes to Faculty Assembly Charter
Chair Martin stated that there is a recommendation to change the charter for the Faculty Assembly—to change the percentage cutoff to seven percent. A motion was made and seconded to approve the changes to the Faculty Assembly charter.  The motion passed unanimously.

Modify General Faculty Bylaws to replace Senior Vice Provost with Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Chair Martin stated that this item of administrative business has to do with the Faculty Bylaws.  Since Katie Perry retired we no longer have a Senior Vice Provost, so most of those duties were taken over by our Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, which requires a change in the General Faculty Bylaws, because the Senior Vice Provost was to be a member of the Committee on Committees.  A motion was made and seconded to make the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs that representative to the Committee on Committees. The motion passed unanimously.

6. Report on the Grievance Process and Policy
Chair Martin highlighted the components of the Grievance Report from the Chair of the Faculty.

Report from Barclay Poling, Chair of the Personnel Policy Committee
Senator Poling acknowledged the members of the Personnel Policy Committee and he gave an overview of the committee’s work during the 2008-09 academic year. 

7. Resolution on Faculty Involvement in Policy and Regulation Review
Senator Edwin Lindsay, Chair of the Governance Committee reported that the resolution deals with communication and regulation 01.25.05, which has to do with our involvement in the development and discussion to policies, rules and regulations.

Senator Lindsay presented the resolution for first reading and a motion was made and seconded to consider the resolution.  

A motion passed to suspend the rules to vote on the resolution today.  The motion passed unanimously to adopt the resolution.

8. Resolution on Provision for Lactation Spaces in Campus Facilities
Senator Paul Williams, Chair of the Resources and Environment Committee reported that the Group Insurance and Benefits Committee has been discussing the need for lactation spaces in campus facilities for some time.  A number of women staff and faculty members on campus are concerned that some women have difficulty attending to lactation needs when those needs arise, so a resolution was drafted requesting the creation of lactation rooms. Senator Williams stated that to ask for separate rooms might be a little extreme, so the resolution was amended to change rooms to space.

Senator Williams presented the resolution for first reading and moved approval of the document.

A motion passed to suspend the rules to vote on the resolution.  The motion passed unanimously to adopt the resolution.

9. Old Business
Guidelines/Principles for the use of ClassEval
There was significant discussion on the document where the faculty made several friendly amendments.   

Chair Martin stated that the document would stay on the WIKI for a while before formalizing it and he noted  that there is an advantage by considering this as a recommendation, that we recommend that this go forward to be considered and to be added to the teaching evaluation website.

A motion passed (four opposed) to endorse the modified document.

10. Chair’s Remarks
Chair Martin reflected on faculty governance upon completion of his term as Chair of the Faculty.

11. Passing of the Gavel, Chair Martin
It is now time for me to pass the gavel to our next Chair.  I am confident in passing the helm to Professor Margery Overton.  I wish you smooth sailing.  Enjoy the waves in your wake that are the evidence of making progress.  And I wish you wisdom and courage to navigate a safe course through the less pleasant waves, whether from motorboats or Mother Nature. 

12. Nomination for 2009-2010 Executive Committee
Chair-Elect Overton handed out the list of senators eligible to serve on next year’s Executive Committee.  The six top vote getters will be selected to serve on the 2009-2010 Executive Committee. 

13. Adjournment
A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.

The motion passed unanimously to adjourn the fifty-fifth session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate at 5:05 p.m.

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