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November 3, 2009

1. Call to Order
Chair Margery Overton called the fifth meeting of the fifty-sixth session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2. Welcome and Announcement
Chair Overton reported that the Executive Committee members have reviewed seven regulations this semester that will be posted on the website so that faculty can see the actions that have been taken. 

Chair Overton reported that she has logged ten issues of concern so far, and they will also be posted on the web.

Chair Overton asked that the Faculty Senate committee members give comments by the last meeting in the fall on how they have been spending their time this semester. 

3.  Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 4, October 6, 2009
A motion passed to approve the minutes.

4. Comments from Chancellor Woodward
Chancellor Woodward announced that he is approaching the end of his fifth month as Chancellor at this institution and he feels that it has been a rewarding five months.

State Employees Combined Campaign
Chancellor Woodward reported that the State Employees Combined Campaign has ended and NC State exceeded its goal.  The percentage of participation increased this year.

Chancellor Woodward reported that in the first quarter revenue was down a few percent, but the university is still in good shape because we planned for a 5% reversion this year.  It will probably be February before we have a good projection of revenues for the remainder of the year.

Chancellor Woodward reported that the General Assembly included in the appropriation field last year a $200 or 8% increase whichever is less for 2010-2011. President Bowles has had discussions with the leadership of the House and Senate asking that the plan be relieved, that we are able to submit campus initiated tuition increases.  The Chancellor is not certain that whatever the campuses propose will be approved by the Board of Governors or ultimately be permitted by the General Assembly, but this is a movement in the right direction.

Chancellor Woodward has endorsed the following recommendations from the Tuition Review Committee and has now forwarded them to the Board of Trustees:

$150 increase for undergraduate students
$200 increase for all other students

Chancellor Woodward explained the instructions received on what fees could be presented. Total increase or new fees will be restricted to 6.5% not including debt service fees.

Chancellor Woodward reported that because of the Talley Student Center renovation we would incur very large debt service fees and because whatever we propose has to be approved by the President and the Board of Governors, that we internally held the total fee in place to 6.5%, including debt service fees, so the net ends up being about $102, and the debt service fee for the Tally project will be the first in a series of increases, which will be $83 next fall on an annual basis, then it would jump to $185, $275, and a maximum of $290. 

Chancellor’s House
Chancellor Woodward stated that the goal was to get a house redesigned and get it under contract while he is here.

Chancellor Woodward explained that in Charlotte he had the experience of moving into a new house and building a new house on campus before he retired.  These houses are extraordinary resources for the university to make friends and to generate support for the campus. So one of his goals there was to build a new chancellor’s house on campus, take the experience of using that first house, modifying and then build a house.  That was done and the Charlotte House is about 8,000 square feet.  He has taken the plans for the Charlotte House, did a major redesign for this campus, and the house here can be built in the neighborhood of 3 million dollars. It will be located on Centennial Campus right around the lake from where the Alumni Center is now. 

Status of Chancellor’s House
Chancellor Woodard reported that they plan to finalize the interior design tomorrow in a meeting. Ann Goodnight has been a key financial supporter of this new house and she has sort of chaired the External Steering Committee.  She plans to visit the Charlotte House on Friday.  The Exterior Steering Committee will get together within the next two or three weeks.  The plan is to get the house under contract, and he expects we will start to see work on the house in February at the latest. 

5. Climate Impact Presentation
Jeff Hightower, Director of Utilities Infrastructure Planning and Development and  Lindsay Batchelor, Program Coordinator from the  Sustainability Office have been working on a project to help the NC State campus and to try to provide some view of the future with the campus.

Hightower stated that when we look at sustainability we look at three things: economy, environment, and society to try to find a balance between the three and to try to make sure that not one area is impacted more than another.

Lindsay Batchelor stated that their next plan of action is to complete the climate action plan, essentially a plan stating all of their strategies for how they might reach climate neutrality.  

Batchelor stated that it is important to have faculty, staff, and students input on the process. Anyone who would like to get involved can join a CEST working group, submit a project idea or suggestion, join their listserv or join their facebook group.  The websites for the Office of Sustainability are www.ncsu.edu/sustainability  and www.ncsu.edu/climate_impact.php.

6. Issues of Concern
Senator Headen expressed concern about missing guidance on the appropriate use and limitations of new race and ethnicity data collected by the university from incoming students. Chancellor Woodward and Provost Arden will follow-up on this issue.

Senator Levy wanted to know the status of the issue on PE and Health GEP requirement.

Chair Overton reported that the issue has not formally been sent to a committee, that there was discussion in the Executive Committee and she has looked at the numbers that came back from the faculty survey, which indicated that after looking at the report a lot of faculty was not inclined to go with that plan, she feels that it needs to be formalized into a resolution.

7. Adjournment
A motion passed to adjourn the meeting at 4:45 p.m.
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