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September 21, 2010

Minutes of the Faculty Senate

Present:  Chair Overton, Chair-elect Kellner, Secretary Hergeth, Provost Arden, Parliamentarian Weiner; Senators  Argyropoulos, Aspnes, Auerbach, Bernhard, Bourham, Carver, Edmisten, Funkhouser, Hammerberg, Hatcher, Havner, Headen, Khosla, Kidd, Krim, Kotek, Levy, Mitchell, Moore, Paur, Poling, Robinson, Rucker, Sawyers, Sztajn, Townsend, Washington, Williams

Excused:  Senators Kiwanuka-Tondo, Miller-Cochran, Tonelli

Absent:  Senators Croom, Tu

Guests:  Ethan Harrelson, CALS Senator – Student Government; Marc Hoit, OIT; Eileen Goldgeier, Office of General Council; P. J. Teal, Secretary of the University

1.  Call to Order
Chair Overton called the third meeting of the fifty seventh session of the NC State Faculty Senate to order at 3 p.m.

2. Welcome and Announcements
Chair Overton welcomed Senators and Guests.

Chair Overton announced that the next meeting will be the General Faculty meeting on Tuesday, October 5th.   The Chair of the Faculty along with the Secretary discussed the agenda with the Chancellor and Provost.  The idea came up that the General Faculty meeting be integrated with the ongoing Strategic Planning process and in particular to highlight the Faculty Excellence Task Force Committee and let them share in developing the agenda for that day and focus the questions on those topics.  The Strategic Planning website is linked on the NCSU Homepage.

Chair Overton announced that the website has been rolled out for the Chancellor’s installation on October 26th.  There is information about a number of events.  I have learned that 2172 E-vites have been sent to the faculty, and 68 positive RSVP’s have been received and 92 have said they could not attend.  The location of the event is Reynolds Coliseum and it is hoped that about 200 faculty will attend.  There is also a forum that afternoon that is tied to the strategic planning process.

Chair Overton announced that there is going to be a budget forum in Stewart Theatre on October 6th at 10:30 a.m.; There is going to be a Tuition Townhall, September 30th at 7-8:30 in Talley Student Center Ballroom; There will be free ice cream on the brickyard between 12 and 12:45 on the day of the installation.

There will also be an event hosted by the library and the Provost 4:45 – 7 p.m. Wednesday, October 27th celebrating faculty research and scholarship.

3. Report from the Faculty Assembly
The Faculty Assembly met last Friday and Chair-elect Kellner attended in Chair Overton’s stead. 

Chair-elect Kellner reported that President Bowles thanked and said farewell to the Faculty Assembly.  He thanked them above all, for setting him straight on a number of moments when he had gone.  The President also commented that the incoming President is going to be great.

Chair-elect Kellner stated that they heard reports from three Vice Presidents —report from Anita Washington-Governmental Affairs spoke to a number of issues. She also said there was a change in personnel records laws which bring up all sorts of ethic situations about information to be given out and this is an important thing to deal with.  The President for Academic Affairs spoke about the academic productivity review coming. 

Chair-elect Kellner stated that while having lunch with the faculty chairs he learned that matters having to do with faculty governance varied widely throughout the system.  The role of Faculty Senates, the role of Chairs of the Faculty and a great many other clones of information between the administration and the various faculties.  In some cases there is none and in some cases communication is hardly going at all and that is always the case.  Chair-elect Kellner stated that NC State and UNC Chapel Hill are pretty much alike in having a functioning Faculty Senate

There were task force meetings in the afternoon since the subcommittee structure is no longer being followed.  Chair-elect Kellner and Secretary Helmut attended the session on Healthcare System where they heard presentations from economists at Winston Salem talking about why things are in steady decline.  “The emphasis there was the fact that our salaries have nothing to do or have little to do with our total cost to our employer.  The salaries can go up while the total value of our compensation does not or goes down, and we should pay attention to this.”  Chair-elect Kellner stated that there was also a call of that task force for a blue ribbon panel at every university made up of economist and health care experts to make recommendations to the Faculty Assembly to talk about things that we can do since there are so many things that we cannot do. 

Finally, Past Chair of the Faculty Jim Martin reported from the budgeting task force and made some recommendations on tuition waivers including startup cost for all funding formulas having Budget Advisory Committees as we do on all campuses and most interestingly he suggested that the Faculty Assembly should have oversight for all published university data.

4. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 2, September 7, 2010
Motion passed to approve the minutes.

5. Comments from Provost Arden
Provost Arden stated that he wanted to give an update on four processes –strategic planning – budget—tuition planning-enrollment planning. 

Strategic Planning
Provost Arden stated that we are well on the way with strategic planning.  We have received more than 400 nominations for the task forces and there will be 160 individuals serving on those nine task forces. Each task force will be co-chaired by two individuals with the exception of Undergraduate Student Success, which will be co-chaired by three individuals including a student.  There is going to be a lot of work to be done over the next several months. 

Provost Arden reported that there are two major elements that they are working on, and the first is in the current year.  We are trying to make a strategic allocation in the current year for the reserve that we have in place this year.  It is a difficult balancing act because we know that next year is probably going to bring some cuts, so we don’t want to be in a position of allocating all the resources that we have and then have to implement major cuts if we roll back 18 months from now. We know that the budget reduction we did, not the last budget but the one before, had a very significant impact on educational path of the institution, and so, where possible, we really do need to make some strategic allocations in the academic core of the institution. By that I mean faculty positions, graduate students positions, etc., and one of the things that we are very aware of is that for any of the TA, RA and graduate fellowship positions that we fund we are going to have to really ensure that the appropriate resources are in the graduate student support plan as well. I think you are going to find as we go forward that there are several things winding up that are going to challenge the graduate student support plan and funding the graduate student support plan.

Provost Arden stated that we are looking at overall growth of our graduate program on campus so we are going to see more graduate students.  We are looking at trying to find more graduate student positions which would make more graduate students eligible for the graduate student support plan and we are going to see some budgetary restraints in our overall budget so it is really important that all the resources that we have available in the current year and the coming year that we are always planning on how we are going to support the graduate student support plan to under ride the growth of our graduate program. So you are going to see that we will almost benefit looking at teaching allocations for this year on the academic side where you haven’t dealt with the non academic side yet, so I’m hoping within the next week to be informing the deans including positions on graduate academic programs, and also the graduate school of the allocation for faculty positions, graduate positions and the non-recurring allocations for the current year. 

In the coming year what we are hearing is that we are going to have to plan for five and ten percent reductions to our state appropriated budget.  We are going to have to make that up from a variety of sources. One will be the strategic reserve that we didn’t allocate permanently in the current year.  We are also going to have to work through other sources including tuition and including more budget cuts.  I know it’s going to sound like a mixed signal when we are talking about strategic allocations in the current year and then potential budget cuts going into the next year.  I think we really have to think about how we are going to reallocate our resources. 

Tuition Planning
Provost Arden stated that campus initiated tuition increase funds usually stay on campus and they are utilized in a number of ways.

Provost Arden invited the faculty to attend an all campus town hall meeting to get input on tuition planning.  The Chancellor will be there to give a brief overview.  I would like for folks to understand how the process works and how the tuition dollars fit into resources and our programs

Enrollment Planning
Provost Arden stated that they have not finalized the targets for the coming year but will be making recommendations to the Chancellor soon.  

Provost Arden reported last year 4700 undergraduates were targeted, and this year 4750 students were targeted.  He stated that it would behoove us to decrease our undergraduate students for a while and focus on graduate enrollment.

5.  Comments from Nevin Kessler
Vice Chancellor Kessler presented a PowerPoint to update the faculty on NC State’s endowment.  He discussed fund raising strategies and goals.  He stated that the fundraising staff will increase next year because the next fundraiser will require more professional fundraisers.  He also noted that the fundraising priorities will come out of the Strategic Planning Process.

6.  Adjournment 
The meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

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