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November 30, 2010

1. Call to Order
Chair Overton called the seventh meeting of the fifty-seventh session of the NC State Faculty Senate to order at 3 p.m.

2. Welcome and Announcements
Chair Overton welcomed Senators and Guests.

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 6, November 23, 2010
The minutes were approved as submitted

4. Comments from the Chancellor
Chancellor Woodson thanked Chair Overton for her leadership on the Provost’s Search Committee.  He reported that the process to select a new Provost is ongoing and will conclude very soon.

Chancellor Woodson announced that four-star General Raymond T. Odierno, an NC State Alum and a Nuclear Engineer from NC State will be the graduation speaker.  General Odierno, and Deanna Bowling Marcum, Associate Librarian of Congress will receive honorary degrees.

Chancellor Woodson stated that this year, at the request of  the ROTC Program, the commissioning of the officers will occur in the larger graduation ceremony so that family members can be a part of the celebration and we can acknowledge not only their accomplishments in the ROTC, but their commitment to serve their country going forward.  This had been done in a separate ceremony in the past.

Chancellor Woodson reported that NC State was recently highlighted in the Chronicle of Higher Education as one of the top 32 Research Intensive Universities in the country in the mentorship of young faculty. He said, “We were particularly recognized for excellence in the six realms of faculty responsibility and the clarity that we provide to our faculty about our expectations.”

5. Comments from Lawrence Davenport, Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Chair Davenport stated that the Board supports the Chancellor’s efforts to create a new plan for the university and endorses its consensus building approach.  “Our trustees are truly integrated in this planning process, but bear in mind that our role is only to advise and be supportive,” he said.  The Board will review the draft plan for approval at the April meeting. 

6. Committee Reports
Resources and Environment—Roby Sawyers, Chair
The Resources and Environment Committee met three times during the semester and discussed a number of issues relating to Physical Environment at the university.

Other issues that the committee dealt with included the fence around the Chancellor’s new residence, an issue of trash in and around the Brooks parking lot, some perceived safety issues at the Avent Ferry/Western Boulevard intersection, parking fees charged to retirees when they return to work, yellow water problems in Ricks Hall, an issue of concern relating to the ceiling and windows in Thompson Hall, and finally an issue of concern from the Port City Java in the Park Shop building.

Academic Policy – Donna Carver, Chair
Senator Carver reported that the committee has reviewed a number of items and some of them are still in progress.

The committee addressed the grievance policy and determined that there were a number of places where it could be clearer.  Sarah Lannom from Legal Affairs is working with the committee on changes.

The Academic Policy Committee met on November 16th to discuss items related to the Task Force on Undergraduate Student Success, and the following four discussion items were supported: 

- The "Get Out of Jail Free card" instead of the First Year Course Repeat Policy: 

- A "Pathway for Citizenship" that would address the intra-campus transfer issue: 

- Creation of some sort of General Studies degree (would like to see a better name) that would replace the FYC designation: 

- A defined pathway for modification of Undergraduate Academic Policies: 

Governance  - David Auerbach, Chair  
The Governance Committee addressed informal issues related to information flow between the Senate, and colleges and departments as well as more concrete issues about voting.  They also talked inconclusively about a mechanism for getting appropriately rewarded or credited for serving on the Senate and other university service work. 

The committee plans to address several items in the spring such as variations in the issue of governance at the college level. 

Senator Auerbach reported that the most complete issue that the committee  addressed was to design a normalization of the voting process for senators and grievance  and hearings committees.

Personnel Policy-Mike Levy, Chair
The committee met four times.  Senator Levy thanked Betsy Brown from the Provost’s Office and Mark Okner from Human Resources for attending the meetings of the committee. 

The committee reviewed a regulation for the review of the dean of undergraduate academic programs and the dean of the graduate school to bring that in line with the review process for the deans. 

Dr. Rebecca Leonard, Professor Emeritus will be working on a mediation training course this spring.  Senator Levy recounted when a group of faculty went to Colorado for mediation training about ten years ago. 

The committee has initiated a review with Betsy Brown’s assistance in looking at voting rights for faculty that have joint appointments. 

Senator Levy stated that in hopes of making this a more family friendly place to work, last year there were policy changes that were put into place to require lactation space for faculty and staff.  The committee has started to look into that. 

Policies that the committee will be looking into over the next few months include a more diverse faculty and a senior majority faculty.  

7. Report from the Faculty Assembly – Hans Kellner
The Faculty Assembly met on November 12th and the first point discussed was the progress of the academic freedom resolution; who had passed it and who had not.  Sandy Gravett, the chair of the Faculty Assembly spoke about the Program Removal Committee which has been convened in order to review the various parts of the code that will deal with the possibility of dealing with program elimination through the system. 

The main event was organized by Bruce Mallette, Senior Assistant Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs where there were 3 mini seminars on advising, registration, and financial aid.  NC State University was represented in each case by Carrie McLean from the First Year College, Louis Hunt from Registration and Records, and Julie Mallette from Financial Aid.   

8. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 4:38 p.m.

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