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1999-2000 Academic Year Resolutions Adopted

R4: 1999/2000: Resolution of Commendation



Resolution on Information Technology Users’ Advisory Committee

Whereas: Computing and information technology have become indispensable tools in the educational process and are essential to the success of all teaching, research, and extension programs at North Carolina State University; and

Whereas: Faculty, staff, and students have diverse and rapidly-changing computing needs; and

Whereas: A free flow of information among faculty, staff, and student computer users and information technology administrative staff is essential to ensure that these diverse computing needs are understood and met within the limits of available resources; and

Whereas: Users of the information system should have a voice in shaping the strategic direction of information technology on campus; and

Whereas: Many faculty believe that the user community is not adequately represented and that the campus community needs a formal mechanism for participating in academic computing and information technology planning, allocation of resources, development of campus standards, and identification of priority needs; and

Whereas: The Chancellor is authorized to create university committees on the recommendation of the Committee on Committees in accordance with the General Faculty Bylaws; therefore be it

Resolved: That a standing Information Technology Advisory Committee be formed, whose members are selected by the Faculty, Staff, and Student Senates and the Graduate Student Association, to serve as an advisory body to the Vice Provost for Information Technology and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Information Systems.


Resolution R4: 99/00
First Reading: April 18, 2000
Second Reading: May 2, 2000
Adopted: May 2, 2000

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