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2000-2001 Academic Year Resolutions Adopted

R1: 2000/2001: Resolution on Honors Convocation



Resolution on Honors Convocation

Whereas: The annual Honors Convocation serves as a singular occasion for the announcement and celebration of the University’s highest honors to students and faculty; and

Whereas: The Honors Convocation will not be held in October 2000; and

Whereas: The date of the Honors Convocation will henceforth be in May, two days before Commencement exercises; and

Whereas: The recognition of students and faculty to be honored in 2000 will be delayed seven months; and

Whereas: The new schedule would require the ceremony, this one time, to honor those selected in 2000 and in 2001, or twice the usual number of recipients of awards; and

Whereas: Such a program would be unsuitably lengthy, and would dilute the special recognition of those students and faculty honored; and

Whereas: The Faculty Senate wishes to promote the most effective and timely tribute to those students and faculty receiving special recognition; therefore be it

Resolved: That the Faculty Senate recommends the scheduling of a one-time Fall Honors Convocation, to be held December 18, 2000, or in close proximity to Fall Commencement exercises to honor those who would have been honored in October 2000.


Resolution R1: 00/01
First Reading: October 3, 2000
Second Reading:  October 31, 2000
Withdrawn:  November 14, 200

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