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2000-2001 Academic Year Resolutions Adopted

R3: 2000/2001: Resolution In Support of the Community Colleges/University Bond



Resolution In Support of the Community Colleges/University Bond

Whereas: Higher education has historically played a tremendous role in building the State of North Carolina into the thriving economic, cultural, and social leader that it is today; and

Whereas: North Carolina's community colleges and universities allow citizens of this State to gain the knowledge and learn the skills necessary to compete in today's and tomorrow's competitive economy; and

Whereas: Students currently enrolled in North Carolina's systems of higher education must contend with outdated and inadequate facilities; and

Whereas: In the next decade, our community colleges expect to enroll more than 57,000 new students and our universities will grow by more than 48,000 students; and

Whereas: Our higher education campuses must upgrade and construct academic, residential and administrative facilities, including critical laboratory and classroom space, to meet existing needs and accommodate the growing numbers of students; and

Whereas: The $3.1 billion bond package approved by the General Assembly will assist our community colleges and universities in meeting their significant facility needs; and

Whereas: The bonds are subject to voter approval on the November 2000 ballot and deserve rightful consideration by the citizens of this State; therefore be it

Resolved: That the Faculty Senate strongly supports the higher education bond proposal because it will enable our systems of higher education to better educate tomorrow's students and maintain North Carolina’s place as the national leader in higher education learning and training, and be it further

Resolved: That the Faculty Senate pledges to work to educate and inform the citizens of our State about the importance of the bonds in improving our community colleges and universities, and to encourage voters to approve the bonds this November


Resolution R3: 00/01
First Reading: October 31, 2000
Adopted: October 31, 2000

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