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2000-2001 Academic Year Resolutions Adopted

R6: 2000/2001: Resolution on Budget



Resolution On the Budget

Whereas: The economic future of the state of North Carolina and the quality of life of its residents depend upon the education of its citizenry and the research conducted at its universities; and

Whereas: The citizens of North Carolina have indicated their overwhelming support for the university system with the passage of the bond package for new construction; and

Whereas: The proposed cuts would compromise the ability of the university to conduct its mission of teaching, research, and service; and

Whereas: The proposed cuts would make it difficult to attract and retain quality students, staff, and faculty, and would force the university to curtail any enrollment growth; and

Whereas: The proposed cuts would negatively affect the regional, national, and international reputation of the university; therefore be it

Resolved: That the Faculty Senate supports the efforts by university leaders to involve the campus community in determining budget priorities; and be it further

Resolved: That the Faculty Senate urges the Legislature to consider other means of addressing the budget shortfall and to do all within its power to preserve the quality of the university system.


Resolution R6: 00/01
First Reading: May 1, 2001
Adopted: May 1, 2001

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