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2002-2003 Academic Year Resolutions Adopted

R2: 2002/2003: Resolution on Modifications to the Faculty EPA Professional Grievance Procedure


Modifications to the Faculty and EPA
Professional Grievance Procedure

Whereas: the criteria and the process by which grievances by faculty and EPA employees are very important to both the University and the aggrieved employee and need to be carefully expressed; and

Whereas: a need exists to provide for expeditious resolution of harassment complaints, to provide for an appeals procedure for harassment complaints in light of current laws relating to resolution of unlawful harassment complaints, and to clarify the respective roles of OEO, HR and Student Affairs in the investigation and resolution of unlawful harassment complaints. And

Whereas: a slight revision of these procedures is suggested, this revision is also accompanied by proposed revisions to the student grievance procedure and the faculty and EPA grievance procedure to reflect that the Resolution Procedures for Harassment Complaints is the exclusive procedure for resolution of unlawful harassment complaints. And

Whereas: revisions to the Faculty and EPA Professional Grievance Procedure fall into four categories: (1) revisions necessitated by new Board of Governors policy regarding SAAO positions and recent changes to Board of Trustees Policy 22.01 regarding Employees Exempt from the State Personnel Act (EPA), (2) revisions to address proposed changes to University Resolution Procedures for Harassment Complaints, (3) revisions to address concerns raised by a faculty grievance committee, and (4) editorial clarifications.

Be it resolved: that the suggested revisions presented here and on the Faculty Senate website be passed in order to be in better compliance with current policies as well as affording the suggested changes to clarify existing language of the grievance procedures.


Resolution R2: 02/03
First Reading: October 15, 2002
Second Reading: October 29, 2002
Adopted: October 29, 2002

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