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2002-2003 Academic Year Resolutions Adopted

R5: 2002/2003: Resolution of Commendation (C. Frank Abrams)


Resolution of Commendation

Whereas: C. Frank Abrams, Jr., Ph.D., Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, has distinguished himself over a period of thirty years of service to North Carolina State University, and

Whereas: he has given leadership as Chair of the Faculty Senate 1990-91 during which time he led and represented the faculty with dignity and imagination, and

Whereas: scholarship and teaching have been exemplar and never has he strayed from the focus of the University’s mission to teach, and

Whereas: his research in tissue mechanics and the effect of vibration on the human body has resulted in notable contributions to the field of ergonomics, and

Whereas: his leadership has resulted in a cooperative, inter-university program in Biomedical Engineering, and

Whereas: he has administered the new policies with diplomacy and wisdom to devise and implement the peer review of tenure, promotion, and renewal of faculty contracts, and

Whereas: he has worked for a balanced policy with the Faculty Senate Personnel Committee, and

Whereas: his administrative duties have been performed with devotion and diligence, through thick and thin with the tedious and tenuous, and

Whereas: his personal conduct towards faculty, students, and administrators has demonstrated outstanding good judgment, fairness and collegiality, and exemplified a balance of gravitas and humor, and

Whereas: he is one of the most respected and highly regarded members of the Faculty at North Carolina State University, therefore be it

Resolved: that the faculty of NC State University offers its appreciation and best wishes to Senior Vice Provost Abrams as he leaves his service as Senior Vice Provost of Academic Affairs to return full time to his academic department as a valued member of the faculty.


Resolution R5: 02/03
First Reading: January 14, 2003
Adopted:  January 14, 2003

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