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2002-2003 Academic Year Resolutions Adopted

R1: 2002/2003: Resolution to Form a Faculty Budget Advisory Committee


Rresolution to Form a Faculty Budget Advisiry Committee

Whereas: In difficult budgetary times, transparency and university-wide communication and involvement are critical to maintaining academic excellence and good morale; and

Whereas: North Carolina State University has suffered a loss of $78 million in state funding for academic affairs alone since 2000-2001, and future cuts in state appropriations are inevitable; and

Whereas: Distributing these budget cuts in a strategic and expeditious manner can best be done through the visible and combined effort and knowledge of both faculty and administrators, and that combined effort can best be recognized and facilitated through a formal mechanism; and

Whereas: Respected universities across the United States, including Johns Hopkins University, University of California–Berkeley, Iowa State University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, among many others, have instituted advisory budget priority committees that bring faculty and administration together to make these difficult, but necessary decisions; therefore, be it

Resolved: That the Senate request that a faculty budget advisory standing committee be formed, consisting of at least five faculty members, including the Chair of the Faculty Senate, and that this committee be selected by the Faculty Senate in consultation with the Provost. Other members may include the Chair of the Dean’s Council, a representative from Department Heads Council, the Provost, the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, and the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business; and be it further

Resolved: That this standing committee convene as soon as practicable to advise the University Administration on issues related to the core values and priorities of NC State University for the present and future, so as to help determine strategically the areas that should be protected and/or enhanced, and if budget cuts are inevitable, to help position the University to protect the core of academic excellence; and be it further

Resolved: That this committee advise the Chancellor on the entire NC State budget, academic and non-academic; and be it further

Resolved: That this committee communicate its procedures and processes to the university community, and also receive information from that community through town-hall meetings, a web site, and university media as it makes its difficult but necessary recommendations.


Resolution R1: 03/04
First Reading: November 4, 2003
Second Reading: February 10, 2004
Adopted: February 10, 2004

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