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2003-2004 Academic Year Resolutions Adopted

R2: 2003/2004: Resolution on Bundled Content and Elsevier


Resolution on
Bundled Content and Elsevier

Whereas: open access and communication of scholarly research are fundamental to intellectual and academic freedom and critical to economic growth and development and,

Whereas: as members of the NC State community we believe strongly in our ethical responsibility to shepherd wisely the resources entrusted to us by the citizens of the State of North Carolina, and

Whereas: particular developments in the current publishing environment, especially vendor bundling of journal content within the newer and unsettled marketplace of digital access, potentially challenge the university’s ability to practice such sound management, therefore be it,

Resolved: that the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate affirm the responsibility of the university, through its Libraries, to maintain strong and flexible control over the state funds entrusted to it and for the Libraries to continue to make sound fiscal decisions that will provide balanced collections that meet the current and future needs of NC State Faculty and Students including the ability to decline highly restrictive offers, such as those recently proposed by Reed Elsevier for its ScienceDirect online product.


First Reading:  December 2, 2003
Adopted:  December 2, 2003

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