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2005-2006 Academic Year Resolutions Adopted

R1: 2005/2006: Resolution on Fiscal Fitness in GER


Resolution on Fiscal Fitness in GER

Whereas: The NCSU Student Senate expressed concern, via Zachery Adams, President ProTempore regarding recurring money problems encountered by many students and the need for financial management education on the introductory level, and

Whereas: The faculty recognizes that life issues including fiscal management and well being, can often have a significant impact on the academic personal success of a student while pursuing higher education, and

Whereas: Resources to assist students with general life skills can be helpful in meeting the university’s goals of teaching higher learning and critical thinking,

Therefore: Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate supports the goal of student fiscal fitness education and encourages the university to explore ways in which to provide the necessary information such as through student orientation, workshops, counseling and courses where appropriate.


Resolution R1: 05/06
First Reading:  March 21, 2006
Adopted: March 21, 2006

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