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Whereas: North Carolina State University values sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship and,

Whereas: The Rocky Branch Creek Restoration project represents an exemplar of natural area restoration and is a living classroom for instruction in responsible environmental stewardship and,

Whereas: There exists a ten-year old University Parking Compensation Procedure that rigidly requires the replacement of 33 parking spaces being taken by the Rocky Branch project and,

Whereas: The restoration of said parking spaces necessitates the destruction of existing green space currently used for instructional and recreational purposes, a result contrary to the values of the University, therefore be it

Resolved: The Faculty Senate of North Carolina State University supports the Rocky Branch Creek Restoration Project, Phase 3 and urges that it be absolved from the requirement to replace parking spaces taken by the restoration.

Resolution: R2:  06/07
First Reading:  December 5, 2006
Adopted:  December 5, 2006


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