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Whereas: The Faculty Senate of North Carolina State University has reviewed proposed changes in the Code of the Board of Governors of The University of North Carolina proposed by the “Code 603/604 Committee”; and

Whereas: The Faculty Senate has received a report from the Faculty Assembly Delegation and background materials relating to efforts of the Faculty Assembly of The University of North Carolina to address significant problems in the proposals by the “Code 603/604 Committee,” and

Whereas: The Faculty Senate wishes to go on record regarding its concerns with the original Code 603/604 Committee proposal, insofar as it would have introduced vague language regarding possible sanctions affecting faculty, conflated the developmental purpose of post-tenure review with the process of discipline or sanction, imposed relatively lax evidentiary standards for serious sanctions of tenured faculty members, and adversely affected the rights of special faculty, among other problems; and

Whereas: The Executive Committee of the Faculty Assembly has developed alternative language to address faculty concerns with the original Code 603/604 proposals in an effort to move matters forward and has requested faculty leaders throughout the UNC System to evaluate and comment on its alternative language; now, therefore,

Be it Resolved that:

 Special faculty members shall be appointed for a specified term of service, as set out in writing in the letter of appointment.  The term of appointment of any special faculty member concludes at the end of the specified period set forth in the letter of appointment, and the letter of appointment constitutes full and timely notice when that term expires. Special Faculty may receive subsequent term appointments.

Submitted by Prof. Nina Allen and Prof Jim Martin on behalf of the Faculty Assembly Delegation
Unanimously passed by the North Carolina State Faculty Senate on October 23, 2007.

Resolution: R2:  07/08
First Reading: October 23, 2007
Adopted: October 23, 2007


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