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Resolution Requesting Budget Cut Reports

Whereas: The University is facing the potential of severe budget cuts for both the immediate fiscal year and the future that will broadly impact the faculty’s ability to provide quality instruction, research, service and extension, and

Whereas: The Faculty Senate of North Carolina State University seeks to represent the faculty across the University and to work effectively with the University’s administration to strategically consider how budget cuts will be taken and investments prioritized, and

Whereas: Transparency and communication across units are necessary tocollaboratively determine common investments, to prioritize programmatic cuts, and to ensure that inter-unit consequences of such actions are proactively considered,

Therefore Be it Resolved:  The Faculty Senate requests that the Provost share with this body the reports from the respective colleges and administrative/service units outlining how the current budget cuts will be taken, with the understanding of the sensitivity of this information.

Resolution: R2: 08/09
First Reading: November 4, 2008
Second Reading: November 18, 2008
Adopted: November 18, 2008


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