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Resolution of Appreciation to
Dr. James Woodward, Chancellor

Whereas, in May and June of 2009, respectively, NC State University lost both its provost and its chancellor;

Whereas, NC State needed bold and decisive interim leadership during a time of great fiscal and administrative challenge;

Whereas, Dr. James H. Woodward, Chancellor Emeritus and Professor of Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, agreed to come to NC State to serve the role of  Chancellor until a new chancellor could be recruited;

Whereas, Chancellor Woodward brought to NC State attitude of optimism and enthusiasm, listened carefully to and advocated on behalf of all its members, and quickly became oriented to its needs;

Whereas, Chancellor Woodward selflessly dedicated his attention, energy, knowledge, and experience to leading NC State and to conducting a successful national search for a new chancellor;

Now Therefore,

Be It Resolved, that the NC State Faculty Senate congratulates Dr. Woodward for the outstanding leadership he has provided to NC State as Chancellor, and expresses its deepest thanks to Dr. Woodward for his tireless work on behalf of NC State, its faculty, its staff, and its students.

Resolution: R2:  09/10
First Reading: March 9, 2010
Adopted: March 9, 2010

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