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Resolution on the Placement
of Automatic External Defibrillators


Whereas an individual who suffers sudden, out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) s likely to die without immediate defibrillation, and

Whereas from the faculty, staff, and student population of NCSU, we can expect at least one OHCA instance every two to three years (see attachment for calculations), and

Whereas a person suffering from OHCA has roughly 6 minutes from onset until the start of brain damage, and

Whereas although CPR and advanced methods can save lives, rapid use of defibrillation is by far  the most effective way to save cardiac arrest patients, and

Whereas defibrillators are currently present only in a limited number of Campus locations, and

Whereas if an Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) is used within 3 minutes of arrest, the survival rate is 75%, and

Whereas the nearest high-(paramedic-) level care is EMS station 8, on Varsity Drive near Western Boulevard, and they only have one ambulance, which is frequently on call, and

Whereas modern AEDs can be operated safely by essentially anyone, and require only basic orientation and

Whereas modern AED’s cannot be “tricked” into shocking a healthy person, and

Whereas AED’s are inexpensive, $1500-$2,000 per unit in large quantities,

Therefore let it be resolved that the University purchase and install an AED in all appropriate University buildings regularly occupied or used by students, faculty, and staff.

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