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Paola Sztajn

Professor - College of Education Paola Sztajn

Department: Elementary Education

Paola Sztajn
Elementary Education
Poe Hall 317, Box 7801
NCSU Campus
Raleigh, NC 27695
Phone: 919-515-0369
Fax: 919-513-0919
EMail: paola_sztajn@ncsu.edu

I joined NC State’s Department of Elementary Education in 2008 as a Professor of Mathematics Education. What attracted me to this institution was the purpose of the then newly created department: to prepare elementary teachers who have a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education.  I came here after serving for three years as Program Director for the National Science Foundation, where I coordinated a variety of funding programs that dealt with mathematics education, teacher preparation, and educational research. I am not aware of another program in the nation that has such a strong STEM focus in the preparation of elementary teachers.

Because my department is so new, I am the only tenured faculty in the department—which makes me feel very responsible for the success of my junior colleagues. This also means that I get to chair many committees in the department such as the Departmental Voting Faculty and our most recent search committee. Here at NC State I am also part of the ADVANCE program Senior Leaders.  Because of my work as an administrator at the National Science Foundation and also all the leadership knowledge I am gaining through the ADVANCE program, I thought that serving as a faculty senator would be a great way to quickly learn more about my new home institution while also having the honor to represent my colleagues from the College of Education.

Prior to going to the National Science Foundation, I was a faculty at The University of Georgia and also at the Catholic University in Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), Brazil. My own research deals with elementary teachers’ knowledge, learning, and professional development.  I currently work with the Wake County Public School System as well as with Durham Public Schools.  Working with practicing elementary teachers and offering them access to new research-based knowledge, I am privileged in that I am able to combine my research with service to the broader community.

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