Welcome NC State PSM Faculty and Staff

Our NCSU faculty and staff are embracing the PSM concepts and they reap great benefits in their own academic careers for doing so: they learn how to interact with employers and gain access to employer know-how, additional resources, and new colleagues, and they attract great students. Working with employers is a refreshing and exciting experience for most professors. It can provide greater insight into their fields and provide inspiration for their translational teaching endeavors. Professors and staff at NC State are particularly privileged due to the great resources available to them from the PSM Office in NC State's Graduate School. Also, all PSM directors are regularly offered opportunities to learn how to plan, launch, manage and evaluate PSM programs, interact with employers, and teach and assess essential professional skills. NC State has many years experience of interacting with employers and serving society's needs. Directing a PSM programs is a great way of increasing this activity.

Reasons to start a PSM program at NC State:

  1. Offer highly popular and employment-relevant education at NC State for students choosing careers outside the university environment (approximately 80% of graduates)
  2. Participate in creating the best possible need-based education
  3. Get support from NC State staff with long-term scholarship/experience with PSM programs and working in/with industry
  4. Nurture the interdisciplinary culture at NC State
  5. Gain access to employer network and resources in the Research Triangle Park
  6. Experience an "out-of-the-box" activity
  7. Learn about skills essential for success outside the NC State (also useful inside NC State and in life)
  8. Learn to build alliances and projects with local employers
  9. Fulfill part of NC State's mission