Resources for Faculty

The GTI facilitates study, research, and internship programs for hundreds of international students each year. NC State departments and faculty can utilize a number of GTI programs to bring overseas students to conduct research, engage in an internship, or enroll in classes for a semester. The GTI also brings scores of professionals through various training programs, and faculty are often asked to present to these groups and/or network with them during their program.

Non-degree study programs (GTE certificate)

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Hundreds of students, scholars, and professionals come through GTI programs each year

The GTI offers a one semester, non-degree certificate program for international students who are interested in taking courses in your department. With the recommendation of the Director of Graduate Programs and/or the Undergraduate Coordinator of Advising, the GTI can matriculate invited students for a full course load and issue a student visa certificate.

Courses may be at the undergraduate or graduate level and credits may be applied to a subsequent degree program (pursuant to University policies). Students must enroll in the GTI 401: Colloquium in US Culture and Higher Education and may enroll in an FLE course, if desired or necessary. Students normally enroll in 3 subject-specific courses as recommended by the faculty advisor.

Students who utilize this program include 3+X program participants who intend to matriculate to NC State BUT:

  • missed the application deadline
  • have not yet taken the GRE
  • need to improve their English comprehension/writing ability
  • need to retake the TOEFL for a higher score
  • are advised to take pre-requisite courses prior to an admission decision

The GTE certificate program is currently offered in the Summer II or Fall semesters, but is currently not offered in the Spring. Students who come during the summer take the GTI 401 course in Summer Session II and take departmental courses in the Fall.

If you are aware of an international student you want to admit through the GTE certificate program, have them apply online at: