Dialect Education Portal

NCSU Resources

The NC State linguistics program has created many resources that can help teachers discuss language and culture. Please explore some of our projects at the following links, as well as some links to other educational materials that may be useful to teachers.

  • Voices of North Carolina Dialect Awareness Curriculum (for 8th graders)
    Voices of North Carolina is a multi-media dialect awareness curriculum that helps enrich social studies instruction in North Carolina. The curriculum is endorsed by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, and is designed to help teachers meet states standard course of study for 8th grade social studies. The 450-minute curriculum requires no background in linguistics or specialized training to be taught successfully, and all the materials are offered free of charge.

  • Related lessons on LearnNC.org
    The following lessons are stand alone lessons that have been adapted from the Voices of North Carolina curriculum by Hannah Askin:

  • Linguistic Application in the Classroom : Introducing Language Exploration (9th graders)
    Explore this curriculum for 9th grade English Language Arts that incorporates dialect education in the classroom following the North Carolina Standard Course of Study by Nicolette Filson. This unit encourages students to see language as a relevant part of their identity and life as it reflects their own culture and that of the society around them.

  • Watch the archived webinars from the 2011 Continuing Education Webinar Series about incorporating Voices of North Carolina Curriculum into the classroom.

Other Educational Resources

  • Explore the West Virginia Dialect Project Teaching and Outreach website, where efforts to teach dialect education are in progress.

  • View or download the Dialect and Literature Curriculum by Sonya Massengill for incorporating dialect awareness in AP English Language and Composition Classes.

  • Test Your Tarheel Talk
    A flash-based, interactive learning module and dialect quiz originally created for the North Carolina History Museum's 2007 Family Day event. The quiz has users listen to voices and attempt to locate them on a map of the state. The user may then learn more about the region's history and language, watch a video clip about the area, or continue on with the quiz.

  • NCLLP YouTube Page
    A repository of video clips from many of the North Carolina Language and Life Project's documentaries including some from documentaries not used in the curriculum, such as The Queen Family and This Side of the River.

  • Do You Speak American? Online Curriculum
    This curriculum has been designed to support Do You Speak American? for high school and college students and includes five units based on the three-hour PBS television program. The resources provided on this web site are available free of charge; each unit of study provides strategies for integrating video segments from the program, other resources on the Do You Speak American? web site and web-based resources found elsewhere on the internet. Each unit features instructional tools, discussion questions, student activities, and a bibliography. The five units are: Perspectives on written and spoken English; Major regional dialects; African American English; Spanish and Chicano English; Communicative choices and linguistic style.