A fieldworker at work
A fieldworker at work.

Visit the NCLLP portion of this website to explore specific field sites, and to learn more about how we conduct field research.

Typically, the NCLLP's field work involves a small team of students and faculty at NC State, who conduct interviews with residents of representative speech communities. Funding for activities since 1993 has been provided by the NSF, NEH, the William C. Friday Endowment at NC State, the NC State Extension Program, and several other organizations.


Visit the Grant-Funded Research page for descriptions of ongoing grants being conducted by NC State Linguistics.

Extension Projects

The NCLLP strives to adhere to the “principle of linguistic gratuity” in all research endeavors. The program emphasizes the importance of giving back to the communities in which linguistic research is done. Often, these projects aim to document and celebrate the importance of local history and culture of the community. The NCLLP has produced several documentaries, audio recordings, books, and museum exhibits.

Visit the Talking NC Media section of the website to find out more about each project and how NCLLP is sharing the rich cultural heritage that is life and language in North Carolina.