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Undergraduate & Graduate Nanotechnology Courses

NC State offers a wide range of nanotechnology-focused courses; some of these are listed below. For more comprehensive information on courses at NC State, visit the university's Course Catalog.


BEC 462/562: Bionanotechnology Lab. Kirill Efimenko.

BME 510: Biomaterials. Roger Narayan.

CE 794: Special Topics - Micromechanics of Composite Materials. Christopher Bobko

CHE 315: Chemical Process Thermodynamics. Gregory Parsons. 

CHE 461/543: Polymer Science & Technology. Richard Spontak.

CHE 596-017: Conventional and Emerging Nanomanufacturing Techniques. Michael Dickey.

CHE/MSE 761: Polymer Blends & Alloys. Richard Spontak.

ECE 445: Frontiers of Nanoelectronics. Veena Misra. 

ECE 538: Integrated Circuits Technology & Fabrication. Mehmet Ozturk.

ISE 789: Advanced Nanoscale Manufacturing. Jingyan Dong.

MAE 495/MSE 490/ISE 495: Introduction to Multidisciplinary Nanotechnology Laboratory. Yong Zhu, Joe Tracy, Jingyan Dong & Xiaoning Jiang.

MAE 536: Micro/Nano Electromechanical Systems. Yong Zhu.

MAE 539: Advanced Materials. Afsaneh Rabiei.

MSE 490Y/791Y: Nanobio & BionanoTech. Yaraslava Yingling. 

MSE 704: Electrical, Optical, and Magnetic Properties. Zlatko Sitar.

MSE 708: Thermodynamics of Materials. Mark Johnson.

MSE 760: Materials Science and Processing of Semiconductor Devices. Jay Narayan.

MSE 771: Nanoelectronics. John Hren & Lew Reynolds.

MSE 791K: Modeling from the Nanoscale to the Macroscale. Don Brenner. 

NE 591N: Neutron Interactions. Ayman Hawari. 

PY 205: Physics for Scientists and Engineers. Bruce Sherwood.

PY 722: Statistical Physics II. Karen Daniels

PY 754: Properties of Surfaces and Interfaces. Thomas Pearl.

TE/BME 466-566: Polymeric Biomaterials Engineering. Marian McCord.

TE 565: Textile Composites. Russell Gorga.

TMS 500: Fiber and Polymer Microscopy. Russell Gorga.

TT 504: Introduction to Nonwovens Processes and Products. Behnam Pourdeyhimi.

WPS 595B: Interfacial Phenomena in Dispersed Systems. Orlando Rojas.



BME 510: Biomaterials. Roger Narayan. 

CH 795: Fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging. Gufeng Wang.

CH 795M: Special Topics in Chemistry. Chris Gorman.

CH 795Z Special Topics: Nanobiotechnology. Lin He.

CHE 460/560: Chemical Nanotechnology for Electronic Systems. Gregory Parsons.

CHE 462: Colloidal and Nanoscale Engineering. Orlin Velev.

CHE 596C: Nano-Scale Films and Surfaces. Gregory Parsons.

CHE 596D: Special Topics in Nanoscience. Orlin Velev. 

CHE 596I: Colloid Science and Nanoscale Engineering. Orlin Velev. 

CHE 775: Multi-Scale Modeling of Matter. Keith Gubbins.

COM 498/598O: Risk Communication. David Berube. 

ECE 592/492S: Organic Electronics & LCDs. Michael Escuti. 

ECE 725: Quantum Engineering. Doug Barlage.

ECE 727: Semiconductor Thin Film Technology. Salah Bedair.

ISE 718: Micro/Nano-scale Fabrication and Manufacturing. Jingyan Dong.

MSE 490C/791C: Introduction to Nanomaterials. Joe Tracy & Jay Narayan.

MSE 706: Phase Transformation and Kinetics. Carl Koch.

MSE 715: Fundamentals of Transmission Electron Microscopy. Elizabeth Dickey.

NE 202: Radiation Sources, Interactions and Detection. Ayman Hawari.

PY 205: Physics for Scientists and Engineers. Bruce Sherwood.

PY 552: Introduction to the Structure of Solids. Thomas Pearl.

PY 615: Computational Physics of Materials. Marco Buongiorno-Nardelli. 

WPS/FP 516: Forest Products Colloids and Surfaces (offered even-number years). Martin Hubbe.

WPS 723: Forest Biomaterials Chemistry. Lucian Lucia.



CHE/MSE 761: Polymer Blends & Alloys. Richard Spontak.

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