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Pre-College Programs

Students at NC State NanoDays

Researchers at NC State collaborate with K-12 educators and students to share cutting-edge nanotechnology research and help foster the technology workforce of the future.


Students and teachers from across North Carolina participate in this exciting annual event.  NanoDays, coordinated by Dr. Gail Jones and some of her graduate students in the Math, Science, and Technology Education Department, offers opportunities for the public to visit research labs, experience materials science mini-lab investigations, and hear researchers talk about materials science advancements. 

The Science House

The mission of the Science House is to increase student enthusiasm for science by partnering with K-12 teachers to promote hands-on inquiry-based science learning.  From its six offices across the state, the Science House's student science enrichment activities, teacher training programs, and curriculum-related programs link the research university to the needs of K-12 science and mathematics education. 

Teacher Workshops and Research Experiences

The Nanoscale Science Education Research Group provides workshops and presentations to area middle and high school teachers and students about advancements in nanoscale science. 

The Kenan Fellows Program

The Kenan Fellows Program for Curriculum and Leadership Development is an innovative model to promote teacher leadership, address teacher retention, and advance K-12 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education. Kenan Fellows are public school teachers selected through a competitive process to participate in a prestigious two-year fellowship while remaining active in their classrooms. Kenan Fellows work with mentors, who are distinguished scientists, university faculty, and corporate researchers, and the NC Department of Public Instruction to develop curriculum and teaching resources that bring cutting-edge research into the hands of students. Kenan Fellows receive $10,000 for their participation in this prestigious program. If you are interested in becoming a Kenan Fellow or a mentor, please visit The Kenan Fellows Program Web Site or email the Director, Valerie Brown-Schild.

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