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Kirill Efimenko

Nano Research Area

  • Health & Bio-Nanotechnology

Research Summary

Our research interests can be divided into two large categories involving synthesis of novel functional flexible polymer materials and application of such materials for tailoring chemical and topographical properties on surfaces.

We have developed a novel polymer platform based on functional siloxanes that facilitates a precise control of chemical functionality expressed on the main backbone of the polymer.  Depending on the functional group this material exhibits a variety of novel properties, such as increased biocompatibility, long term stability, electrically and magnetically active properties, and changeable affinity to proteins. The control over chemical surface composition is achieved by modification of the functional group on the elastomers surface via assembly of small molecules (self-assembled monolayers, bioactive and electrically active) and direct grafting of macromolecules to the interface by “grafting to” and “grafting from” techniques. Additionally, we have exploited the exceptional elasticity of siloxanes to precisely control surface properties. We have been actively involved in creating and investigating topographical features expressed on the surface and studying their role in interfacial behavior of the system. We also study the modification of bulk properties of functional siloxanes by creating hybrid materials consisting of siloxane/inorganic nanoparticle and siloxane/polymer networks.

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