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Patricia McClellan-Green

Nano Research Area

  • Health & Bio-Nanotechnology
  • Nano-Characterization
  • Nano-Materials & Engineering

Research Summary

Dr. McClellan-Green's research focuses on the study of natural and man-made compounds in the marine environment and their effects on the metabolic activities of marine organisms. Biochemical and health effects resulting from exposure to anthropogenic compounds, contaminants and toxins can drastically alter the development, metamorphosis, reproductive or metabolic capacity of exposed individuals. One current research theme focuses on intentional and accidental exposure of marine organisms to environmental compounds, including carbon-based and metal-based nanomaterials.  This involves determining the routes of uptake and assessing toxicity and any physiological changes.  These studies are accomplished using both in vivo and in vitro model systems. 

Current research relates to the impact of manufactured nanomaterials on benthic marine teleosts.  The emphasis of this work is focused on determining neurohormonal and steroidal regulatory pathways affected by exposure, histopathological examination of the reproductive tissues and major organ systems as well as assessing the interrelationship between reactive nanoparticles and the anti-oxidant defense system. This involves kinetic analysis of enzyme systems, LC-MS identification of activated particles and computational modeling of uptake and distribution.  Recently, she has applied these techniques to investigating the reproductive and developmental impacts of fullerenes and Cd/Se quantum dots.

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